R3 Satria Neo CPS Turbo

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R3 Satria Neo CPS Turbo


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Feb 7, 2009
Petaling Jaya

I'm selling out my beloved Satria Neo CPS with Turbocharged System. All the system are running well in car now.

The list of the item you will get are:


1.Intercooler piping with Greedy IC by Senmon Exhaust.
2.Original Tial USA Blow Off.
3.Bigger 370CC injectors.
4.Special Custom Made banana by ADM speed motorsports.
5.Special Custom Made Kinugawa Turbocharged (rated at 350hp) + 9 GTX style billet blades (TD05H/AR70) with new catridge by Speedspin Turbo Specialist.
6.Custom CPS Oil Pan with turbo return passage.
7.Downpipe with Turbosmart Ultragate 38.
8.Remus + fully exhaust system.
9.Original Turbosmart boost controller.
10.AEM Water Methanol injection kit
11.Haltech Sprint 500 Standalone ECU
12.Turbosmart boost meter with housing
13.Engine all been forged by CFE parts.(Crankshaft,Pistons) - no rebore!
14.BC connecting rod.
15.Billet oil pump.
16.Exedy clutch housing+6 pucks trinity clutch plate.


1.All new tyre Yokohama BlueEarth (195/50/R16).
2.Ftuned racing suspension Hi-Lo Soft-hard with Bodyshift.
3.Original Advanti S895 Alloy Sport Rims.


1.Pioneer AVH-X5650BT.
2.BlauPunkt GTB-8A Subwoofer.

The car dynoed with 274hp@0.9bar(forged internal) but since my clutch slipping,the fully potential of the car already be limited..:banghead:

Item need to be changed after get the car(Honestly for potential buyer)

1.Replace the clutch.
2.Run a tuning and dyno.
4.Some cosmetic touch-up

*Serious buyer only, especially that planning to have ready track car.
*Never been track or drag,daily drive car only.
*Regular workshop also will be inform to future buyer,in case any problem arise.
*You will get new registration number too.

For loan, please submit photocopy of:

1.Your IC
2.Driving licensed
3.Latest 3 month Salary slip
4.Latest 3 month Bank statement

Why sell?

- Going for 4 doors (auto & practical)..:driver:
- Working distance also quite challenging.
- Open opportunity for youngster..

Why don't keep?

- Don't wanna pay 2 cars for no reason+collecting dust
- Got others important commitment

SMS for more info.Cheers...:biggrin:
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