Professional Detailing Center in Penang.

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Professional Detailing Center in Penang.

We in Mirage Autodetailing, provides professional services in beautifying automobile with a "Mirage" look which means a wet reflection from your automobile. We uses the best in the world quality products for all the pain-staking process in beautifying your automobile.

With our commitment in every detail, say goodbye to swirl mark to your car, and enjoy the luxury of the "Wet Mirage" looks on your automobile

Come to Mirage Autodetailing, Your cars will shine like never before. :rock::rock:

Our range of services:
-Detail hand 'car bathing'
-Swirl Mark removal
-Hand Massage Waxing
-Teflon 'Shield' Coating
-Alloy Rim Teflon coating
-Headlamp restoration
-Interior detailing
-'Matte' colors car detailing
-Windscreen Protection coating
-Valet Services provided.

We are also the authorized reseller of Dodojuice in Malaysia.

Do visit our website for more details.
Welcome to Mirage Online -
Hi Aston Martin,

Thank you for the message. What sort of moderate defects are you referring to? If you are talking about minor scratch and swirl mark, depending on severity of the defect we are able to restore back the paintwork clearly within 90-99%. We use SW Cleaner fluid with 3-5 steps polishing for the and once paint works restored, we will applied SW wax to make it shine like never before.

For DDJ, we are in the midst of processing the stocks delivery. Yes, we do carry the SN. Our shop is located in Krystal Point, Bayan Lepas Penang. Please feel free to visit our shop for more details.

Mirage Autodetailing
Jun 10, 2010
Hi Mirage,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes I'm talking abt swirl mark, I think SV cleanser more on filling or covering rather then remove the defects, it contains solvent and glaze, after 3 washes the swirls will come back.

Do u carry any abrasive compounding or polishing for defect removal ? What kind of compound and polish and what pad u use ?

DDJ when is the availability ?

Sorry for asking a lot of question.
Hi aston martin,

We don't use abrasive compound as they will damage the paint lacquer though the defect removal are great. SW cleaner fluid are good in restoring and removing the severe swirl mark, not completely removed the swirl marks.

Depending on the washing method, the swirl mark will come back if the car was not maintained (harsh shampoo, did not used microfibre wash clothes etc) properly. ETA for DDJ is around July'10.

Mirage Autodetailing


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Nov 17, 2003
How much you charge for wash, vacuum, clay, Swirl remover and wax. And how long it takes for a sedan car.