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Jul 13, 2010

Not everyday our client had follow our work for many years and became friends with us. Today we are here doing a second round of paint restoration after the Tezza been repainted with the top of the line Glasurit paint. The client also had me purposely drive my weekend ride so that this photo can be taken. xD

Upon arrival, the car is just at the washing bay ready for us to wash. Being a repainted car, many end users always feel that there is no damage after a fresh paint job. But you are probably wronng. Here is why.

After the wash, we reparked the car back into the shade.

Looking at the car, the glasurit paint is really glowing.

Some glue marks are leaking down.

There were some unknown cement looking etching on the roof.

And also on the door handles.

Paint shop finishing is usually very rough and unrefined.

And the typical paint shop cutting compound is very aggressive, usually leaving behind swirls and holograms.

When looking closer on the damage we spotted more swirls.

On merely a phone LED we can reveal how unrefined the paint is.

Glasurit paints are really a pain-in-da-a*s the correct.

It took us many many passes to get to this finish.

As night fall we took closer photos of the paint.

Remember Before.

After paint restoration.

About 10hours of paint restoration went into the paint to have it refined and smooth. The finishing? Is not something words can describe. Check out the photos.
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