Optimum Coating : Recon Audi A5 in Black


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

Recon cars are very common in Malaysia. Mostly imported from Japan, these cars are shipped in, reconditioned, and sold as if new. Here we have with us an Audi A5 sportback. Being in black, we had already assumed the condition to be bad. Read on to know more.

From the looks of the car, it seem to be shine and glossy. With only 50k clocked mileage, we can only say, looks can be deceiving.

The sun was out, we just had to take some sun shots with the damages.

It is a very common view being a reconditioned unit, most car dealers will send the car for either a fresh coat of paint or a cheap polish.

In this case, we can definitely see some neglect.

Swirl levels were not high, but sufficient to affect the shine a little.

Some panels had more damage, some had less. So we now can confirm the car dealer did not do anything to the car.

It may not be as bad as its looks, but flies died from the shitty paint condition too.

As usual, we gave the car a good deep clean. All neglected areas were taken care of.

Paint was restored to the default condition.

There were no longer any visible swirls or scratches.

As for the finishing, we cleaned up all trim, edges, and removed all polishing residue.

The wheels on this ride was modified to a matte black/alloy finish. The brake dust however, is still caked up.
A closer look on the wheel and it filthy!

Wheels barrels were cleaned.

You can actually see the brake dust dissolving with the alkaline cleaner.

and finally, After all the cleaning.

Wheel barrels are proper now.

Reach for the skies! Check out the insane reflections.

And finally the coated car.