Optimum Coating : Black Mercedes Benz E300 Hybrid In & Out


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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

One of the most worth it to purchase Mercedes with E400 specs is now a trend! We had done so many Mercedes E300 Bluetec that we know the car more than the owner! Hence today we are here to do a full correction and coating on this black beauty.

Upon arrival, we were briefed by the owner that the car had gone through some polishing and a repainted rear boot due to a failed orange peel removal attempt.

From the looks of it, its glossy, but we know for a fact that glossiness is not already the true gloss, especially when its black.

Immediately, when we were approaching the car, we were able to spot this deep scratch.

Swirls and hologram came FOC with the car.

Some areas were badly affected by poor workmanship.

We started with a good and deep wash. Finally, exfoliating the pores of the paint with clay.

After a good wash and clean, we moved on with the paint correction. Check out the results.

Paint was almost flawless after the correction.

The deep scratch was just too severe, but we were able to reduce it to a non-visible state.

After the paint correction, we moved on to some wheel cleaning.

Although its a new car, the brake dust build up is just insane.

The wheel barrel is just covered in it.

After some intense cleaning.

Wheel barrel is now proper clean.

Interior also required some attention as briefed by the owner. As curious as we were to a new car's interior. We were just blown away by the stains.

This is a close up 50/50 comparison shot.

From a birds eye view.

All the seats looked like this, and the worst thing is, its barely a month old.

And finally, the interior is coated with a layer of high quality leather protectant.

As always, the results were, Could we say, Jaw Dropping?