Optimum Coating: Audi A6 Hybrid


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

We have here with us a 1 month old Audi A6 Hybrid, it was abit late for a coating protection as there might be paint damage that is permanently done. Lucky for the owner, we had it all covered.

Upon arrival, we had a round inspection on the paintwork, condition of the car, dirt level, and also paint surface condition.
Initial viewing was that the car is daily driven to work and because the owner feared damaging the paint during the uncoated period, he did not wash the car at all!

Because of that decision to not wash the car, rain water was left to dry naturally and formed some severe watermark issues.

A closer view on the paint shows some severe etching from the watermark on the paint.

Some areas were so severe that the mineral deposit can visibly be seen.

Not wasting time, we proceed to giving the car a deep and detailed wash. Here was the outcome from a 3hour wash and clean.

We proceeded with the watermark removal which took us another 3hours of polishing and paint cleaning.

The results were pretty good giving the fact that the car had not been washed and only covered in watermarks

We gave the entire car a full surface paint cleaning. With the help of a camera flash, you may visibly see the flawless condition of the paint.

Moving on to the wheels, as we mentioned earlier on the top, it had not been washed for over a month.

We cleaned the wheel face and the wheel barrel then topped it up with Opti-Guard to give it the long lasting shine and protection.

Check out the closer shots where the water is beading.

As always we will not caption the result photos for your uninterrupted viewing pleasure.