Opti-Coat™Pro : Porsche Boxster


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

We have with us today a rather special guest. The owner had been a fan of our work for quite some time now and finally decided he couldn't hold back anymore. Hence we're here for his Porsche.

Upon arrival, we noticed there were quite a number of issues on the paint.

It still looks shiny and all since we last washed and wax the car but the true conditions of the paint are hidden from that gloss.

The owner had done quite abit of bug killing over the week.

Watermark stains were one of the main issues for this car.

That aside, we saw some tree sap stain as well.

Fuel door area are usually unattended and dirty.

Within the side skirts, lies the drainage area.

Where its usually this dirty after even 1 drive in the rain.

We saw some scuff damage on the side mirrors as well.

We gave the car a pretty detailed wash, removing everything from stains to tar spots. Unfortunately the watermarks were too stubborn. So we had to do some polishing to remove the watermark etching.

During the polish, watermarks are all gone.

Finally cleared up the surface for a proper and clear reflection.

The paint condition for this ride was pretty good. Just a little light swirls from regular washing.

More polishing was done and the paint came out swirl free.

On other sections, another swirl free finish.

Around the fuel door area, the swirls were a little bit more tough and some deeper ones were left behind. It might not be visible in this picture, but it is there.

European cars like these tend to have alot of brake dust hence the full coverage.

1 finger glide and you can see how thick is it.

Lug nuts areas were never cleaned since day 1.

We cleaned the wheel pretty good.

Even the barrel area since its very easily accessed.

Finally Opti-Coat™Pro is applied for that glossy finish.

Finally after a good 8hours, we finished off the car with a nice layer of Opti-Coat™Pro for that long term paint goodness. Check out the wet look and glossy finish.