NewBie to Perdana V6


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1,500 RPM
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Dec 30, 2007
Kuala Lumpur
Foreman charge me Rm200

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Using Avs plug... I think till I sell off the car or change engine.. wont change the plugs...
RM200 including cables? That's cheap. Mind tell where you did that? I'm interested.


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Sep 30, 2011
hi guys..
I want fit brembo into my ride.. wanna know what the minimal size of rims I need to get.. Im scared cant fit after I buy...
old question.... but i can answer you....
17" for evo 4-9 or sti brembos (some call them f50 brakes)
18" for evo 10's
*i think* 16's if the brembos are off a 350z (called f40 brakes)


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Jun 23, 2006
Thank Danz...

So I guess its Just cosmetic.. maybe will do if any1 want my Leather Cream Untouched Leather seat 2007... hihihi
Btw Just to update..

Just Update you guys on my car Mod progress..

1. Engine : Upgrade to 6a12 V6 na Auto (Japan Spec Sport ECU)
2. Gbox :Upgrade 312 (2wd) Eterna Manual Tranny.. (Short shifter exist for Eterna?)
3. Brakes : Wanted the GTO 4pot but foremen forgot to confirm with the seller :banghead: too bad sold off.. (thinking of Brembo)
(Foremen said its plug n play.. isit?)
4. Air Filter : Open Pod Simolta
5. ECU: What's best? Piggy back? Cost?
6. Exhaust : From the forum for manual is a 2.3" diameter pipe.. S or Straight flow better?? batu cave shop from forum ok? Extractors
better change or leave it stock?
7. Finally after all this mods can I tapau a Type R hihihihi:rock:....I hate HONDA!!
Bro, how is the performance improvement from changing the stock Proton V6 ECU 148HP to JDM 170HP ECU?
Is the performance Noticeable and justifiable?
what about fuel consumption? significantly higher than Proton ECU?
Can also run of RON 95 or need to change to higher RON rating to unleashed the extra benefit of more advance timing in the JDM ECU?

Hope you can kindly response and give some valuable input.

Thanks and cheers, mate!