Lighten Pulleys for 4G15P


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Aug 29, 2011
Kuala Lumpur
Hi, i am fascinated with lighten pulleys. B4 i go dump in my money,
there are few things i would like to ask you guys first.

My problem...
Ok, the reason i want lighten pulley is because i want to save fuel, have more engine
respond and pickup (low end torque). The car is use mainly for city drive and hardly
go beyond 100km/h. I dun like to race, and i dun need high end torque. Each day i
drive to work i met with many bumper to bumper, traffic lights, road hums around the
neighborhood, and each time i press the brake and the gas again, i felt like i was wasting
fuel as the car needs to slowly built up momentum again.

My plan...
First of all, is the Jasma brand ok? It suits my budget though.
If i plan to change out all the ori pulleys and i mean all, how many are there?
I only know there are cam pulley for the cam shaft and crank pulley. What else?

And to save money, i plan to DIY. So can i just take out the old pulley and put in
the new one without messing up anything?