Job > Mechanic at Car workshop/garage

Job : Testing of Car workshop/garage software

Who : You must be a mechanic , owner or someone working in a workshop/garage

Goal :
The software is meant to assist the operations and running of a workshop/garage to:
1. Safe time
2. Increase repeat business

The software is currently on beta testing (free)

Salary : RM 100-300 per 1 hour session. Each test would take a total of 1 hour. That includes 30 m using the software, 10 m to write a simple report, 20 m for Q&A (if applicable).

How to apply:
1. Goto
2. Create an account
3. Login & take a 2 minute look around
4. Provide a sample feedback of what you like (1 line), and what you dont like (1 line), along with your expected salary/pay per hour

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