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May 12, 2009
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Evo Editorial Director Harry Metcalfe owns a regular Zonda. So maybe that's what he was able to score an invite to the Pagani factory and talk a South American zillionaire into letting him flog his Zonda 760 RS--before he's even seen it. Personally, I don't care what Metcalfe did to get this footage. Because he got it. And it rules.
The Zonda 760 RS is essentially a road-legal version of the Zonda R with extra 20bhp, and 90bhp beyond the zonda cinque.

The attention to detail on the Zonda R is mind-blowing, and in this video Metcalfe does a great job of pointing out minutia like how the carbon fiber weave lines up perfectly across the gaps of the doors, which is so far beyond tricky that you begin to think $2.6 million (price of a veyron super sports) isn't a completely ludicrous sum to pay for a car. Then he takes the car out and the road, and you hear the grinding wail and ferocious backfires of its AMG V12 and it's definitely overwhelm supercars boundary.

It is said the 760RS was built for a very special Chilean owner and Harry even mentions that Lewis Hamilton actually also ordered one (dubbed the 760LH) and that it will have a manual transmission because Hamilton uses the paddle shifters during his "day job".alright, there's not really much to talk about after that. Enjoy.
source : http://www.evo.co.uk/videos/supercarvideos/282490/video_pagani_zonda_760rs_driven.html

evo Diaries- Pagani Zonda 760RS Drive- evo world Exclusive - YouTube


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