Honda lays down the impact of Japan earthquake on its Asian and Oceanic operations

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Oct 13, 2006

The massive earthquake that struck Japan recently has left many automakers reeling in the destruction that hit their plants. While the Japanese car makers are feeling the pinch more, even American and European ones are seeing delays in production due to parts suppliers in Japan affected by the quake.

Honda Malaysia has just issued a statement on the impact that the quake will have on their Japanese, Asian and Oceanic region operations and assembly.

The Sayama Plant at their Saitama Factory and the Suzuka Factory had their operations suspended and will only resume all production on 11 April. In lieu of that, all Honda production plants in Japan will resume operations on the same date.

While production and assembly will kick off on that date, Honda will resume production and shipment of component parts for use outside of Japan on 4 April. Nonetheless, the production of cars as well as component parts will run at approximately half capacity due to the unstable nature of the situation.

On a lighter note though, many of Honda’s suppliers in Japan have already resumed production, with remaining making good progress in resuming production. Honda is also lending a hand to suppliers that are having difficulties in restarting operations. In the meantime though, Honda is also evaluating other possible sources for the supply of parts.

“We deeply regret any inconveniences caused, especially to our valued customers. We are making every effort to work towards a full recovery as quickly as possible. We sincerely appreciate the understanding of our customers and business partners during these challenging times,” said Yoichiro Ueno, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia.

Honda Malaysia today contributed RM300,000 to support relief and recovery efforts through Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) International Relief Fund.