Honda Accord SV4 Engine Transplant

Jan 12, 2016
Kuala Lumpur
Anyways guys i am new here, sorry if i am doing things wrongly here

Alright, i am driving an Honda Accord SV4, H22A engine with auto transmission,
just running stock black top engine with HWL Adjustables Hi/Low Soft/Hard, and some interiors done as well,
i have been deciding on changing gearbox to manual first, what i have found is that the gearbox that is highly capable for my engine is the T2W4 (i want lsd) which is from a CL1, if i am not mistaken, correct me please if i am wrong.
Then with further online research i found the H22A Euro-R (CL1) / Type S (BB6) is very interesting brows.gif and i am wondering if i can fit that H22A Euro-R (Red Top) into my SV4?

I have seen a lot of SV4 in online forums with red-top valve cover, but i am not convinced because mine is originally black top, but my foreman painted it blue valve cover so it actually looks like an F20B.

So my question is;

- Can i convert my auto into manual LSD? If yes, what is the items that i need (gearbox model number will much appreciated) ?

- Can i chuck in a H22A Euro-R / Type-S into my SV4? If yes, will there be modification in mountings?

Sorry guys, i know this is frequent question asked here, if you guys redirect me to older post discussion this issue, that will be even appreciated. And "" is still there? ive seen that they are very keen in Accords and well informed.

Thank you guys!


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Sep 30, 2011
im no expert, but i'm pretty sure its probably one of the easier swaps around (after all it is a similar engine). I personally feel, its financially more viable to swap the engine and gearbox in one go. as with all auto > manual conversions, u need the shifter stuff(cables assembly whatnot), clutch stuff (lines, pump), mounting (i think its dif for the gearbox? its probably the same for the block), more other stuff..... u should get all if u acquire a complete halfcut, u can even use the euro r face which imo is fancy...

**if im not wrong, cl1's came with the lsd as standard

the honda-tech site has a guide on this, i would post the link here but, not sure if that is allowed... google keywords: accord, auto manual swap, h22, honda-tech


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Oct 5, 2006
Hi Captain here,

For manual conversion u need
  • manual set pedals
  • manual gear shifter and linkage - CL1 shifter is short throw
  • H22a Manual ECU. Yours is OBD1 so look for P13 Manual if your ori engine is from Prelude, otherwise get the POA ecu from CD6 accord
  • H22A manual Gearbox. T2W4 is selling at ridiculous price nowdays.. if u still want a LSD gbox, better go for M2B4(Prelude), M2Z4(redtop lude) or T2T4(F20B SiR-T)
  • H22A complete cluth + flywheel + clutch pump
  • A small modification at the right side engine mounting.. (important - if not ur engine will lean on one side)
  • manual H22a driveshafts

Yes, you can plunk in the H22A from CL1/BB6, there's a minimal mods on the mounting-GB side.

If you have time, please visit H Garage Autoworks in facebook. They specialized on H22A/F20B. you may ask any questions to them.