Gtr-r35 transmission issues

Dec 14, 2014
good day ladies and gentlemen,

to get things started, i am planning to purchase a nissan gtr r-35 in the next 2-3 months. model purchased will be of year 2008. was doing my research on this car, and i have came across lots of people who have problems with their transmission on their GTR's. Is it something that I have to be worried of when i buy the car? Is it possible to check the condition of the transmission before-hand?

Also, other than the basic fuel, roadtax, tyres, engine/transmission oil costs, is there anything else in terms of cost that I should keep in mind about? other than transmission, any other issues i should be worried about? (since i am getting a used car).

Thank you guys in advance, and i do apologise for the rather stupid questions, but I have not found anything here or on the internet on the transmission issues that owners encounter. Cheers!