Greetings from the other side...of pond! :)

Feb 21, 2012
Croatia, Europe
Name is Mladen, live in Croatia, Europe. Got registered few hours ago because I was trying to find some more testimonies about Federal Tyres which showed up on Croatian market recently.
After I have read numeruos threads the site tells me I must to register if I wanna continue with reading and so I'm here.
Please, do not be offendet by that! I'm not a guy who can contribute about cars or tuning or tecnical and hystoric knowledge. So my presence here will be pretty quite because I will read more than i will writte.
Must say, you here got really nice forum and nice contributers. Really like the atmosphere and think you are a bunch of friendly people.
So far so much from me. If anybody wants to know more about me or anything else don't hasitate to ask.