ecu swap for 4g15p..siemens 2 mmc... how?

Apr 4, 2007
i need help here coz i wuz thinking 2 change my ecu frm siemen 2 mmc, is it possible 2 do this,can anyone any place 2 do this, & the cost,is it true mmc ecu is far more better than siemens vdo,:confused_smile:


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Apr 4, 2006
bro,im gonna change my ecu next month..still collecting items such as MMC throttle body and etc..i will update u on the swap..

from what i have learned by asking around is that the MMC ecu is easier to tune because compared to Siemes ECU only PROTON has the software to change the default settings such as rev cut and what not.

Im not saying that the Siemes ECU is not good because it is but then there is only so little that u can do to ur car with that ECU.

There are methods to "hack" into the Siemes ECU but the cost to do that is not worth it la.

Thats my 2 cents.

Neways i will let u know of my progress aight.