Cosplay Photoshoot ~ Saya, The Only Remaining Original Vampire


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Feb 24, 2011
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If you have an interest in the full series of this work, please visit my official published work here

I would really appreciate it if you can let your thoughts be known to me in this thread after you have seen my work =)

Author's Note

For me, the character Saya is one of solitude

Though the path of a warrior needs not be a lonesome road, Saya's dark past and her hunger for vengeance leaves her without alternative as she does not want the people around her come to harm.

For me, as she is a vampire, Saya's contempt for Humans suggests discrimation or betrayal by humans against her in her ealier years. As for her contempt for god and religion, it would suggest of her hatred for the fate she was born into and in the way her life's story unfolds.