Contest 2 – Exclusive Super GT Grandstand Tickets Giveaway!


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Known Member
Jul 26, 2010
Johor Bahru

Five lucky winners have walked home with a pair of Grandstand tickets for this weekend’s 2013 Super GT Round 3 at Sepang International Circuit. If you missed your chance the last time, then this is the time to redeem yourself at’s second Exclusive Super GT Grandstand Tickets Giveaway!

The question for this time is:

Who is the fastest man to go around Sepang at’s TIMETOATTACK history, and what was the time clocked by him?

As we are feeling generous today, we are giving out SIX pairs of tickets to the first six with the correct answers. Also remember to leave your Facebook name, email and contact number so that we could fill you up in the details on collecting the tickets.

Good luck!