Castrol Edge Sends Lucky Winner to Experience "The Green Hell"!


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Mar 6, 2012
Kuala Lumpur

Over 390,000 virtual laps raced, more than 4,800 virtual racers, 20 finalists, but ultimately there can be only 1 winner of the Castrol EDGE Experience Nurburgring: The Sequel.

<!--more-->After a dramatic final elimination round whereby finalists battled it out in BMWs in the ultimate test of driving skills, one finalists took his place on top of the podium to claim the grand prize, the ultimate driving experience of a lifetime at one of the most challenging and demanding racing circuits in the world, dubbed the ‘Green Hell’ in Nurburgring, Germany.

Tan Seng Yaw edged past 19 other finalists to be crowned the Castrol EDGE Experience Nurburgring: The Sequel champion and come April 2012, will be testing his skills in a BMW M3® around the thrilling Nordschleife, with more than 20km of winding road interspersed with 72 frighteningly fast corners.

In the hunt to find the ‘strongest’ to represent Malaysia at the Nurburgring, Castrol EDGE Experience Nurburgring: The Sequel is a 2 month journey which required participants to go through a 2 stage challenge. The exhilarating challenge began in January 2012 in which participants raced in a BMW M3® around the virtual Nurburgring track to complete as many laps as possible and invite or challenge as many friends as possible on Castrol Malaysia's Facebook page.

The top 20 finalist then went head-to-head at the exclusive Castrol EDGE Experience Malaysia-Nurburgring Challenge, where they had the opportunity to undergo an advanced driver training course and battled it out in a BMW in the ultimate test of driving skills.

After a highly successful campaign last time out, Castrol returned with the sequel to provide another Malaysian the opportunity to drive at the iconic Nordschleife, steeped in motoring folklore as one of the most challenging racing circuits ever.

Castrol, the world’s leading premium lubricant specialist, has always been pushing the boundaries utilising analysis, cutting-edge technology and innovation to deliver exceptional performance. With over 100 years of experience in lubricant technology, Castrol has now developed Castrol EDGE engineered with Titanium Fluid Strength Technology™, its best engine oil range yet.

Mark Ng, Marketing Director of Malaysia, Singapore & Philippines, said “Castrol has had a long association with Motorsports and BMW and we are absolutely delighted to bring the Castrol EDGE Experience Nurburgring back to Malaysia. Tan Seng Yaw will now be given the fantastic opportunity to drive a BMW M3® around the legendary Nurburgring, famously labeled The ‘Green Hell’ by Formula One ace Sir Jackie Stewart. The new Castrol EDGE engineered with Titanium Fluid Strength Technology TM, has been proven to be 40% stronger and offers protection for engines up to 35% longer than a leading competitor in independent tests. This provides drivers the confidence to drive how you want, when you want, and in order to drive on the feared “Green Hell” this is exactly what you need.”

Tan Seng Yaw said, “I’m so proud to be the winner of the Castrol EDGE Experience Nurburgring. I beat 5,000 people on Facebook and I beat 19 people today. Now I’m going to Germany! Thank you Castrol for the priceless experience!”

Over the course of the four days, Tan Seng Yaw will get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the world of BMW motorsports, and experience the pure joy of driving a powerful BMW M3® with other winners from around the world featuring a two-day driving programme that covers drifting, hot laps, slalom and guided laps of the Nürburgring circuit in BMW M3