Calling for ICE FREAK 4 Mar 11

NOS Handcrafted

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NOS Handcrafted

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Nov 8, 2010
Kuala Lumpur
On behalf of NOS HANDCRAFTED, we are calling for a ICE FREAK Gathering @ Bandar Sunway...

Aim of this gathering is to meet up with more ICE Freak in K.L

DATE : 4 March 2011
TIME : 8pm onwards
Location : Bandar Sunway Esso Pump surroundings
Look for us there...!!!

Register ur Car Plate here if u r an ICE Freak, free gift is available that night...!!!!

COME WAIT NO MORE...!!! Is time to show OFF...!!!!

LET'S PLAY IT RIGHT.....!!!!!!!!!!