Brake Pad Clip Broken


3,000 RPM
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3,000 RPM
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Aug 16, 2005
Don't know how to descibe it.
The driver side spring clip wire that secures the the brake pad is broken. I meant the one that u need to unclip before u can take out the brake pad.....
Went to my foremen, but he said he doesn't have the clip and tell me to find in chopshop. Than again he tell me nevermind one cos it's only function is for you to spring release the brake pads and the brake pad is already being secured by other parts.

I wonder how true is that??
But honestly he told me that brake pad might be a little bit loose but is still secured. He just advise me not to do "hard braking" very often....

any comment? or does it really doesn't efect braking?

I'll try to take a picture of it when free. Guess it's hard to understand when I write it down here.....