BMW M6 full correction - Part 1


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3,000 RPM
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May 19, 2010
The owner of this beast ordered a total makeover - A full exterior correction and an interior redesign. Part 1 will report the exterior correction while Part 2 will focus on the interior.

The car was first given a thorough wash. No water beading was found indicating the lack of any protection.

Water wetted the whole surface with some tar spots found on the bonnet.

Huge amount of dirt and tar spots were picked up on part of the carbon fibre roof alone.

Further inspection under the sun and LED lighting revealed generous amounts of swirls throughout with several random deep scratches

Swirls and random deep scratch on rear boot

Swirls and deep scratch on rear bumper.

Fast forward to some before-after photographs

Before - These places where people neglect and pay less attention to. Years of dirt caked into the lug nuts.




30 minutes on each wheel. A total of 2 and a half hours for wheels and tyres alone. Cleaned with Osren Multi Clean. Sorry I just used another OPC's spray bottle to dispense

Boot before

Boot after

A 50/50 shot of the boot.

A close up 50/50 shot

Rear bumper before - white tape in place as reference point.

Rear bumper after.

The whole car was given a 3 step paint correction over 72 hours.
- Osren 34 on wool pad
- Osren 34 on Polishing pad
- Finished with Osren Perfect Finish 8 on polishing pad.

Paintwork LSP is Autoglym High Definition Wax
Wheels were cleaned with Osren Multi Clean and coated with Opti Coat Pro.

Some post detail eye candy. Enjoy the high definition reflection and gloss...

Thank you...


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Jul 13, 2010
wooo, i see someone use phone camera like me hahahahaha