BMW E38 Headlight Correction and Protection with Optimum OptiLens


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Jan 21, 2007
Modern headlights are now unfortunately made more from plastic than glass. Without proper protection, the plastic headlight covers are prone to scratching and discoloration from UV degradation which is hazardous and unsightly.

However, with the proper tools and techniques, the plastic can be recovered and properly protected.

Before: The plastic headlight cover is scratched and dull.

Taped off and wetsanded to smooth out surface imperfections.

Sanding continues until the underlying surface is smooth.

This is followed by a finer sandpaper to refine the surface before compounding and polishing.

Correction completed.

This process is repeated on the other headlight.

Having a proper sanding block is important to ensure the surface is level.

Optimum OptiLens coating being applied on the corrected headlights to prevent oxidization of the plastic and resist UV degradation.