222 vs 312, I got 312. Need help, may be cheated


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Dec 2, 2005
Hi guys,

Recently sent perdana SEI i4 toa known workshop in Meru, Klang for a manual conversion. I paid 3.9k for it. I was told that my car would have a long ratio.

This is what happened :

I converted it to a manual, was told it would be a 2wd. I drove the car for two days and jacked the car up to replace the engine and indeed it was a 2wd gearbox with no visible 4wd "hole" in it. I also read the code that it was a 312, didnt check the other letters.

The tranny only lasted until the 3rd day when it gave way, that I could enter any gears without clutching in. The workshop then replaced it with a W5M312RRTE for me. Certain gears were hard to engage, and there was noise on high speed in 3rd 4th and 5th gear.

After a couple of days I jacked the car up to have a look. This time the housing looked different, it looked like the transfer case was removed and 4wd hole closed. I called my mechanic, he told me that he was using the 2wd internals on that housing.

Now that I asked him again, he said this is a 4wd locked to 2wd because I "wanted a long ratio".

My question is :

1. In terms of market price, is the 2wd gearbox far more pricier than a 4wd?
2. Does a 4wd gearbox lose in terms of pickup (berat) compared to a 2wd?
3. Can I verify that he is using 2wd internals or is he just lying?
4. Will there be any funny noise if it's a 4wd locked gearbox?
5. Have I paid too much if ti was a 4wd locked tranny?
6. Is the 4wd tranny ratio longer than a 2wd? (refer to http://www.mitsubishi-motors.kiev.ua/Manuals/Transmission/PWEE9508/22B.pdf

All I asked of him was to get one with a long ratio, and 2wd as I heard that there's a vast difference between the 2wd and 4wd tranny. I do highway most of the time as I stay in Setia Alam and work in Sungai Besi. Would appreciate if you guys help me out a little here.

You replies are much appreciated bro.




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Oct 18, 2007
1st, W5M312RRTE is a 4wd gearbox, if im not mistaken is taken out on RVR body.
Certain gears were hard to engage, i guess ur gear level MAYBE is not original

and ur question
1)yes 2wd gearbox is pricer than 4wd gearbox, coz 4wd gearbox easier find than 2wd
2)yes compare 312 4wd with 312 2wd, 312 4wd is BERAT than 2wd
3)it is not so easy to transfer 2wd internals into a 4wd gearbox ( unless ur workshop is a PRO ), but, since he say he transfer a 2wd internals in ur 4wd gearbox, why dont he just giv u the 2wd gearbox? nid do more job to transfer a 2wd gearbox internal to a 4wd gearbox?
5) is 3.9k include labour or just the manual conversation kit? ill answer u after u reply me
6) if both 4wd and 2wd gearbox code is 312, both ratio is not much different, all most the same

just my opinion, if somethings mistake hope others sifus adjust it
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