2001 Trajet 2.0 aircond


1,500 RPM
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1,500 RPM
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Dec 30, 2007
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Hi Hyundai owners I need your opinions about aircond of Korean cars and specifically 2001 Trajet.

I have sent it to Kah Bintang for top overhaul because of blown head gasket. After engine work completed, they discovered the aircond is not working, the current compressor is a local part, compressor oil spilled inside aircond hoses (i don't know what i meant). The SC personnel told me only original Hyundai compressor can be used, other compressors won't compatible with the Korean car electrical systems. Is this true? And it does not come cheap at RM2,880 for a new Hyundai compressor. The Trajet is still lying in the SC.

Have anyone had the experience and info please help. Many thanks in advance.

I have visited the SC just now. I think compressor oil could be smelled from the air coming out from the aircond vents in the cabin.

The last time I changed to recond compressor plus other aircond parts was in 2009 cost RM1,200.

A new original compressor would last 8-10 years according to Hyundai.
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