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  1. Temujin

    Bridgestone RE003 vs Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (PS3)

    I've used GY RS Sport which treadwear sucked. Then GYF1A2 which I liked its wet performance. Then RE050A which was a good all rounder until about 70% which then grip was really non-existant. Now using AD08R which has awesome dry grip. Still the same awful wet grip as in the older AD07 though...
  2. Temujin

    1996/97 Lexus LS400 UCF20

    Key phrase: Cannot tahan for turbo car. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Temujin

    POLO GTi 1.8T 2008 9N3

    The legendary Pocong GTi. Drove with the previous owner up UYGTJ and I can tell you that this car is fast!
  4. Temujin

    Skyline Gath 2012

    Oi! Thread diggah! :burnout:
  5. Temujin

    Skyline club

    There are active groups within the Skyline fraternity. More active in FB.
  6. Temujin

    Original Evo 4 Fully Converted to Evo 5

    This car has grip like nobody's business. Went UYGTJ with the owner along with other ET guys some time ago and my BNR32 was sliding everywhere while the Evo was planted as if its tyres got roots! Thumbs up my bro! :)
  7. Temujin

    1996/97 Lexus LS400 UCF20

    Gatal. Lariiiiiii! :burnout:
  8. Temujin

    ALTEZZA PRIVATE TRACK & FAMILY DAY!!! (Plan date: year End 2012)

    Some ere.. Awesome Powered | Motorhead Camaraderie: Altezzas And More In Sepang
  9. Temujin

    looking for r32 body parts

    yup yup.. the owner is in one of the photos.. :biggrin:
  10. Temujin

    Nissan Skyline GTR R34 on RON 95?

    Abg V-Spec is a living example of an owner of a chick magnet R34. If you don't believe, please visit his harem.. eh.. I mean his office.. *cabuts!* :rofl: ---------- Post added at 02:38 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 02:37 PM ---------- Eh.. i thought...
  11. Temujin

    Skyline Gath 2012

    Sorry bros for not updating. My fault as I got caught up with work. JK, mana TT? I'll buy those attending a round of drinks! :driver:
  12. Temujin

    Skyline Gath 2012

    Let's make it like the gatherings at Daikoku. EVENT>> A NIGHT AT DAIKOKU PA - Speedhunters What do u guys think? We'll have it at night say 8pm (Autobacs closes at 10pm on special request). Then we'll go for a highway drive to eat somewhere.. :driver:
  13. Temujin

    Skyline Gath 2012

    Ur car stock mah. :vroam: :biggrin: ---------- Post added at 02:07 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 01:45 PM ---------- Update: Will be having the gath on the 9th December. Currently discussing with Autobacs on what we can do during the gath.
  14. Temujin

    Skyline Gath 2012

    Sorry for the late reply guys, been busy with work. :thrasher: Anyhow, I'm thinking of Sunday 2nd December but some has called for the 9th or the end of December instead. I'm good for the 9th too, but the end of December would be busy for the most of us I think. All good for...
  15. Temujin

    Skyline Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    JK has a BNR32 gearbox which uses a push-type clutch. It's a 4WD gearbox too, so u may need to chop off the front diff if u wan't to use it. Better get an RB25 gearbox I think.. less hassle?
  16. Temujin

    Skyline Gath 2012

    01/11/12 Update! Started talks with Autobacs. Will do this on the 9th December 2012 (Sunday). Itinerary, rendezvous points and other details will come shortly. Calling all Skyliners! Lets make this happen! 26/10/12 Hi guys, The Skyliners have not been active for the past few months...
  17. Temujin

    r35 should use ron97 or 99?

    erm.. i might be wrong but the 1kwhp is with race fuel? 8xxwhp with 97 and 6xx with 95?
  18. Temujin

    im looking for a r32.

    Looking at it, might not sell the BNR32 lah.. let alone trade for a Porsche. I can't even afford a Cayman unlike feezdya who is upgrading from the Cayman to a 911TT to add to his collection of Skylines, Evos, Subarus, etc.. :adore::adore::adore: