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    Exedy Racing Clutch , Various JDM cars

    suzuki m15a clutch set price pls.
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    EXEDY Racing Clutch

    how much for suzuki swift M15A? pls pm.
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    Car Tinting promo - new shop launch@SUNWAY!!!

    bro, promotion still available? i need to tint my car,myvi. probably taking ur promotion B. does it include front windscreen and i need to know variety of color you have. pm me.
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    1.3/1.5 convert 1.6 CLUTCH kit

    bro, im using suzuki m15a (manual). do you have any for it? best price?
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    Tein Ha. Hilo/softhard

    do u have any for myvi? pm me best price.
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    Japan Adjustble hi lo soft hard cheap!!

    do u have any adjustable for myvi? pm me best price.
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    [WTS] TEIN Super Street (Offer)

    bro, pls pm best price for myvi. serious buyer here.
  8. Used Full D-Sport Exhaust for Myvi

    Been used for 8 months old since Oct 09. Still in excellent condition. Reason is downgrading car. Juz plug & play. View to believe. Location Ulu Klang. 019-2269711 - Iqwan Can buy either full set with extractor or without extractor or.. extractor only! Full set with extractor : RM1.7k...
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    Work zone auto garage

    bro, can you do gearbox conversion for myvi? how much do u charge for installation?
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    [WTS]Honda Jazz '07 15" Ori Sport Rim [USED]

    pm me best price, serious buyer here.
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    Improve comfort, sport and adjustable suspension

    pm best price for adjustable, myvi.
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    [WTS] Work emotion 15'' pcd 100/114.3

    pm me best price with tyre and without tyre. got dent or not? scratches i dont mind.
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    Spare tyre 16" & 15" & 14" pcd 100 for satria@wira

    bro, pm me best price for 15" size.
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    WTS: Myvi SE Rims

    300 i buy from u, fast deal!
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    Satria Neo CPS for sale

    auto or manual trans bro?
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    Volk racing te37 15"

    wanna trade in wit ssr type-c 16? 4hole pcd100 offset 44.
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    @{SasukeR}@ TE37 15" 6.5J 4x100 +39

    bro,can trade-in?
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    Rim SSR type C 15

    trade in with my ori japan ssr type-c 16" 205/45/16 gunmetal grey colour. how much u want to topup?
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    ARC Intercooler

    wuts da size like in da pic? pm best price.
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    16'' Enkei RPF1 [Brand New]

    bro, trade in with ssr type c 16" how much? pm me.
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    Tein Ha. Hilo/softhard

    do u have any for myvi? if u got, pls pm me.
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    EJ6 convert EK99 for sale!!!

    can loan how much?
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    Honda Ferio B16A Manual Big Vtec

    loan bole lpas lg ke?
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    Civic EG Dolphin

    trade in with myvi 1.3se auto? haha!
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    All AP Phone Set for Sale

    pm me best price for nokia 5800 and 5730 express music.
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    Looking for Half Cut??????

    pm me price for ep91 glanza halfcut. tq.
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    [WTS]Improve High Performance Disc Brake

    wuts da size of disc rotor? for myvi. wut's da best price?
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    Myvi Big Size Disc brake 285mm

    bro, wut's da best price? any reviews?
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    Kaitospeed : Brembo Standard Disc Rotor Various Car Models

    oo. so u dont have any bigger size than stock rotor for myvi?
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    Kaitospeed : Brembo Standard Disc Rotor Various Car Models

    wut's da diameter for myvi disc rotor? mm?
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    [WTS] Car Tinted 8MIL N 4MIL(free goodies)

    bro, need ur opinion bout ur tint. i need something for security purpose and also heat rejection purpose. and also wut's da colour of tint. i wan black colour wan. if u got, give me best price.
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    Chop Shop Item..

    hey bro, i'm looking for ae111/101 twin pot brake.. if u got, pls PM me the best price u can give!
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    WTSwap with 15" or 16" rims...

    bro, u wanna swap with my rim? 16" gunmetal grey colour, hehe! thiang thianggg!
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    [WTS] 16" VOLK RACING CE28 rims + TOYO 205/50/16 tyres

    waa my fav rim.. bro, trade in bole ke? hehe!
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    toyota AE111 front & rear disc

    ur shop provide installation?
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    Kaitospeed : Brembo MAX Civic EG/EK/ES

    can fit myvi ka? really looking for a brake disc..
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    Coil Spring Buffer(Damper) for Various Car Models

    bro, best price for myvi..i'm using tanabe spring.. is it rubber or silicone materials?
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    Branded Rim For Sale( Advan ,volk,black Racing)

    bro, u have rays volk CE28N? 16inch, offset 40/42