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    wts your skyline? post it here

    Yoy bro...when u cumming here again?? Do buzz us when u do yah bro!! :wavey:
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    Looking for a tuner to map my bnr34 .

    Go your house and take your GTR? OK..ON!!! Get the ready the key for me!:biggrin:
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    You are fast bro!
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    Looking for a tuner to map my bnr34 .

    You are way over it already..come..come..Let me bring you to another level again!
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    Nissan Skyline GT-R35 Spec V 2009

    There are 3 units of Spec V over here in East Malaysia, and 6 units over in Brunei already! :burnout:
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    Looking for a tuner to map my bnr34 .

    You slow slow wait ah......
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    Looking for a tuner to map my bnr34 .

    Re: Looking for a tuner for mapping my bnr34 . Who said is not that easy to make? U wan good quality mapping, u know where to go for. U wan ok ok one, you also know where to find. So...what's your confusion already? Told you..sell it to me and let me worry about the tuning! Then you...
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    DVD or TV Screen Fitted On Our Rides

    They don't dare to check others countries out, caused once they did...they are so shame of themself and dunno where to hide their faces!
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    Looking for a tuner to map my bnr34 .

    Re: Looking for a tuner for mapping my bnr34 . Dude...till now you still haven't make up ur mind who to go for...from local tuner to Japan tuner to local tuner again? Best thing for you...sell me your car and it will solved all ur problems! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    DVD or TV Screen Fitted On Our Rides

    Let's put it this ways guys on the tv screen and also window tint: 1) Those with "special" tag on the number plate still be able to to have as many tv screen as they like and also the darkest window tint they can get. With all these, they still won't received any summons from either JPJ or...
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    any gtr's owner looking for rims

    A used TE37 is ranging anywhere from RM5,000 to RM10,000.00
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    Buying a GTR.

    What's loosing a F430/2 cats are?? Both of my Scuderria and Lambo SV were stolen within a year and insurance's claim still pending till now! Thanks for all those **** people only know how to talk c**k and no action at all... :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Buying a GTR. a days is totally different already! Those kids just come back from oversea, straight away can drive nice sports car, non stop modifying/upgrades, showing off their ride(s), and best of all...ALL paid by the parent/company. Then...they make naive young chicks to believe that they are...
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    Skyline Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    LCLY....he think that he is selling Veron parts meh?!?! :hmmmm:
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    Got problem

    Oh okay...:biggrin:
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    Got problem

    Are you the 1 that bought the Okada from me (from Sabah)?
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    Cobb Tuning AccessPORT

    Wonder how much is the market price now a days over at at the East, it drop down to around RM130K already....:hmmmm::hmmmm::hmmmm:
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    looking for r34 gtr v spec 2 for sales....

    I think you end up keeping it as the price is dame low now...since you had paid up, why dun just turn into a Godzilla and let it hibernate at your Perlis house...just wake it up when you feel like playing with it..better off..right?!?:biggrin:
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    choose which one suspension for bnr34?

    You also know already ah?!?!? Haa haa haa haa.....Sometimes I pity him also...have to share the same table with his PA....
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    WTB: Looking for GTR34 ori wheels

    ngiing, aleady help you call up few owners here in KK but none of them wanna sell theirs wheels...anyway, I help you to look out and let you know once I found someone selling it.
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    choose which one suspension for bnr34?

    Semperfi....stop putting your Nismo suspension in your office..INSTALL it lah...u ding dong!
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    looking for r34 gtr v spec 2 for sales.... letting go your "monster" ah...sure you won't missed it anymore???
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    1 am-1 R34 GTR-300kmh run "drive"

    Doesn't look like is 300km/h loh....some more no meter to prove the speed also....with 300km/h, the wind noise will be MUCH MUCH louder then this, and also, no one will try to hit that speed with the window down as it created wind drag and slow the car down...
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    R34 GTR MFD unit..

    Have you include the instruction for the converting? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    ER34 stndrd BODYKIT to GTR Z-Tune Bodykit..???

    I seen a GTT converted into GTR before and there are no cutting or welding needed. As the owner change the fender, front bumper, and wide body. The only thing need more works is the fuel door, as GTR and GTT are different from each others and some customs modification or fabrication is needed.
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    [WTA] ECU Terms

    Short & Easy: Aftermarket ECU = BHP + Fun!
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    Comparing V35 Skyline 350GT and ER34 Skyline GT-T

    Besides all that, V35 is a newer car compared to ER34 (in term of year) and maintenance wise will be less also. Most important is what you going to use it for...weekend or daily drive? Of coursed V35 is smoother then ER34 but, in term of modification...ER34 will be our best choice for HP gain...
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    Got problem

    The following is what you can try as your situation is almost similar to mine: 1) Check your fuel pump. 2) Check your furl regulator. 3) Clean your injectors. 4) Have your tuner re-check your air fuel mapping and setting.
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    Got problem

    Any modification done to your ride?
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    Water temperature problem

    Try Ogura twin gonna love it..kaacchiinnnggg!!
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    who the best tuner for apexi power fc

    [/COLOR] hmm...i think just the no.6 tune by him. actually i am very confusing on choose tuner. Rainbow, Why dun you get a tuner in from Japan and all yours problems will be solved already!:hmmmm:
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    BNR34 and ER34 coilpacks

    Open up and check each one of the spark plug and try to see which one have some black burn marked on it, then that's the one is giving way already.
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    how do you feel when you lose race with other?

    Better don't race with others, those people you hardly know, even they ask for it! Unless you are with your own closed gang play around then its least they are not "really" try to smoke you away...
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    Fire sound from exhaust

    The sound is okay as it shown that your engine is getting enough of fuel and its not "dry" as it will hurt the engine parts! So, you can ask your tuner to tune down a little and can be done in a minute!
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    BNR34 and ER34 coilpacks

    Go for Okada Plasma Direct! Sweet....
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    Air box good ? or hks suction kits good?

    Been told that...bigger hp then you'll need to direct air supply...if stay bellow 500hp, then normal air box will do...not sure how true it is though...But it is more easy for tuning and hp increase by using direct it flow lah...
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    need advice on getting skyline R34

    You mean eat the road dust or exhaust smoke from Skyline for breakfast?!? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    need advice on getting skyline R34

    How serious are you getting a GTR34? PM me...Thanks!
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    Skyline Spotted!

    Picture taken by Henleey to share....
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    photoshoot - R34 GTR V-specII

    Thanks bro for the info! I'm still far away from it...hee hee hee...still learning from the pro like you! Thanks a million bro for the tips!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    photoshoot - R34 GTR V-specII

    That's a great pictures you go there!! Loving it...what editing software you are using??
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    Skyline Spotted!

    Yeap...that 1 is from the west originally...:biggrin:
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    Skyline Spotted!

    Look familiar?
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    Buying a GTR.

    Look like the previous owner had repainted the whole car including engine bay...with RM150k upgrade..the HKS Suction Kit doesn't look like ori to me though...well....personal opinion...I might be wrong...
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    GTR 35 spyder??

    Look great though!
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    Pic : GTT to Full GTR Bolt-On 13 pcs Bodykits (FRP)

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    is it worth to mod rb20

    Or get a RB26 and the sky will be your limit!
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    Air Filters

    I sold off my Z already.....hee hee hee hee hee hee....:biggrin:
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    skyline R34 GTT last batch made is what years?

    This is what you will have to bare with if you love Skyline... year model is not important at all as we all know the actual year, what matters is, remember to change out all the oils, timing belt, and etc...