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  1. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    The Porsche Taycan Turbo S arrives Malaysia! + Turbo & 4S

    buy only... u live life once... don worry about range... boot put a genset lol
  2. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    BONOSS Wheel Spacers for my Mercedes-Benz C260(W205)

    not many would want to change the original wheels... my W205 looks good.. but at times i prefer better fitment... as in slightly more 'out' and matching the fenders... not so deep in like kepit telur
  3. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Toyata gt86 vs Subaru brz.which is the best?

    your left testicle better or yr right testicle better?
  4. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    BONOSS Wheel Spacers for my Mercedes-Benz C260(W205)

    does it vibrate? centre bore mcm tak ngam
  5. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    ZTH Kepong Area's TT

  6. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Which car should I choose?

    suggest u buy new car.. maintenance pao ka liao
  7. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Humble DIY Repairs On My Car

    i bought techtrix ... can interface with obd2
  8. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    BBK - How good are those Alternative Branded vs Fakes ?

    u still alive ah? no need bbk la... wanna stop, open door - put foot outside the door, slam the foot on the ground with timbalan shoes... better than balambo
  9. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    testing post

  10. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Why did you join ZTH?

    my shop???
  11. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Old School Cars Discussion

    Wiling buyer, willing seller. The word manipulate is a very strong word to use. If the value is not there in the first place, then what's there to manipulate?
  12. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    2016 AMG A45 laps Suzuka in 2:27.953!

    As at 25/12/2016 the list have been shattered. For more reference, has a brief list of lap times here: 1. BMW 6.0 V12 E45 : Tom Goh 1:55.00 2. Renault Megane Edisi Tom Goh 1:58.00 3. Mini Green Goblin Tom Goh 2:05.00 4...
  13. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Why did you join ZTH?

    i joined bcoz.. ..... . shit i forgot why.. it was 16 years ago
  14. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Scandal of the Year, BLaCkHoWLiNG & Tom

    Dei... next time pm me la.. there's a topic like this in zth.. pundek.. now only i see this posting.. mana eh sai?
  15. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    ZTH Petaling Jaya TT

    all busy cari makan ma
  16. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    wers all d old zth kakis? all fart tart d...or dont like forums d? lol

    I'm still around u know... </http:>
  17. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    TVR Chimaera (Sparepart)

    does it comes with paper (geran) or that car is totally for scrap car?
  18. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Toyota supra mk4

    Think u better seek advise from proper folks - here u get answers which are generally useless.. lol
  19. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Sigh... S'greans are WORST Pple on Earth....

    I am keen to see where the discussions on such topics would lead to
  20. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Fraud in "The Marketplace"

    Champion ah u... dispense 'advise' freely.. betui tak betui... pakai hentam only
  21. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Retrofitting power trunk to W220 - Merc

    Anyone knows where to get this done?
  22. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    what on your wrist...???

    i got mickey mouse
  23. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Articles on ZTH Gotta Improve

    Maybe hussein Zain is
  24. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Tire Price list Zth

    anyone has any idea on the pricing for Pirelli P Zero 245/40/18?? thanks
  25. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Buy a used car

    I also got a 4 banger diesel from BMW.. but despite that... IT FUCKING ROCKS! hahahhaha
  26. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Buying a GTR.

    Okok.. noted, RB parts are abudance be it from chop shops.. or online ebay... hell even in yahoo auctions... u x really need to worry.... just that the fuel.. from what i gather from my gtr mates... all complain abt fuel consumption only
  27. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Buying a GTR.

    why choose a GTR and worry about maintenance? if worry about maintenance - buy stock cars that comes with warranty ;) However - if maintenance is a concern, i think the ONE thing u should worry about fuel consumption.
  28. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Search function problem.

    I still have one problem since Sept 2008. Everytime I use the forum's search function and key in Supra : your nick keeps popping out. and yes, i still bitch about it.
  29. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Buying a GTR.

    hmm...I'll answer yr question with 2 questions. Which of the below seems to be too old an antique to be purchased? Do the below not appeal to u? If your answer is - "no, it does not appeal to me" Please save up more and buy this YOUR question should not be...
  30. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Basic Performance upgrade

    higher boost ka? wah... make sure fuelling enuff oh.. if not.. engine BOOOMMMMMMMMM
  31. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Nicole, the chick modder

    so many champions here.... all posting manyak champion... kalo betui betui in real life... hah-hardy-hah-hah--we fuckin wonder how.... p.s - topic starter ... not talking about u ah
  32. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Bmw e60

    Can u state why this car is COD only?
  33. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Buy a used car

    sighh.... ....
  34. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Carbon Fibre; How to Hide it?

    seriously u dont need to create a topic like this for 1 simple answer: just spray paint over it. People get CF coz they want the lightweight and structurally strong properties.. not for the fancy weaving patterns... though.. i fancy the patterns quite a fair bit.. wahahha.. anyhow, i spray...
  35. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Happy birthday tom goh!

    Tom also tak mao layan ini topic.. sigh.. kesian
  36. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Carbon In Motion Grand Launching

    dont be a bunch of fingerless wankers.. just come.. dont say wait till invite this la that la.. pfftt...
  37. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Happy birthday tom goh!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! Have a great one tonight!
  38. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    TTT April 18th 9PM USJ9 Arifin Maju

    Go PM Alvin... aka Tom's for halfcut
  39. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    2011 Kia Sportage - In Need of Power

    Ken, 2JZ engine - when in stock form, is pretty lazy... u need to go straight for BPU...
  40. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Extreme Engine Modifications

    no more? topic died? so gempar punya topic but no posting?
  41. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Carbon In Motion Grand Launching

    which car u want me to bring? ask Jackie..
  42. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Best Fuel for Ordinary Cars (RON95)

    I actually tried pumping RON95 on my M5.. then I tried this Octane Booster (which I will be selling soon)... I gained 8.74whp! lol
  43. BLaCkHoWLiNG

    Nicole, the chick modder

    Ok guys... this is a pic of Nicole...