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  1. wfhan

    Altezza FAQ

    nobody post anything new.. lol
  2. wfhan

    wind deflectors

    U mean the door window visors?
  3. wfhan

    Altezza spotted!!!

    Spotted dark blue SS2525* near uniten.
  4. wfhan

    a/d/s 4ch amplifier P-440

    any idea of its spec ? also what is the of this item ?
  5. wfhan

    Hifonic Eros V111 Power amp

    any idea age of this item ?
  6. wfhan

    Altezza FAQ

    yeah, the bitch is still with me. :rofl:
  7. wfhan

    Altezza spotted!!!

    Spotted white WKR530O zooming towards puchong south toll and tail/shadow disappeared seconds later after paying toll. Hehehe..
  8. wfhan

    Question regarding Traction Control Button

    Better fun factor without it!...
  9. wfhan

    Question regarding Traction Control Button

    yes, Traction control (with the TRC button) came as option with year 2000 Altezza.. the button is located just below the audio player see the small button at the right under the head-unit area.. another pic if you switch it off, your dashboard will have an amber 'TRC off' light on. my...
  10. wfhan

    my ff experience with my fr altezza lol

    aiya.. Eddie... u are gay.... hahah.. just kidding man... but stephen very geng... i also want squirting thing... hahahha ... ---------- Post added at 04:03 PM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 04:01 PM ---------- yeah baby.. i so get use to 9 and 3 o'clock...
  11. wfhan

    auto gear slippage

    wow whole car slide downward.. very dangerous man.. better have it check out quickly.. anyway.. i am also using the Toyota Type-IV ATF... no issues with it.
  12. wfhan

    Altezza spotted!!!

    Spotted W??9531 at Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang..:P
  13. wfhan

    my ff experience with my fr altezza lol

    One think i learned. U gotta hv the bond with the car. This ain't any general just buy and drive car. She needs a solid relationship with her owner. Sometimes, she's like a bitch, sometimes she just makes u orgasm..hahaha...
  14. wfhan

    Altezza spotted!!!

    Spotted at kajang
  15. wfhan

    my ff experience with my fr altezza lol

    So Bolinger, u like more of FR or FF Now? Hehehe... I've been with mine for 3 years and am still learning to tame her wild side.
  16. wfhan

    Thieves like to steal these cars....

    couldn't agree more!... :biggrin:
  17. wfhan

    altezza/lexus jdm sat nav

    prelude_sbw631j, try pm zth member "ae101-wong" and "tom's" both in KL/PJ area. they hv tezza parts for sell, previously they sold a couple of the nav housing, who knows they might have one for you.
  18. wfhan

    altezza/lexus jdm sat nav

    the flipping part.. it depends on the 'last state' it has. meaning if you have it flipped down (closed) right before you 'shutdown' your car. it will remain flipped down the next time you start your car. Vise versa, if you did not flipped it down or closed it when you 'shutdown' your car', the...
  19. wfhan

    hi guys just bought an altezza

    Nowadays altezza owner appreciate the car more, hence decided to keep it and not selling it. hahaha... right or not all the Altezza Taikos ? 1JZ or not, some say good, some would advise you to avoid. it just your preferences. On your 6MT question, some are stock 6mt, some are converted...
  20. wfhan

    altezza/lexus jdm sat nav

    Pete, Yup, it had been covered. some of us are running aftermarket gps device, Garmin on the stock housing. I myself did my own DIY to 'put in' a Garmin in mine before. for details, please check this thread...
  21. wfhan

    Post Tezza / Lexus IS here

    Pete, your car ? nice and clean.. :) how long have you been owning her ?
  22. wfhan

    Altezza FAQ

    normally bank wont easily give loan for over 10yo car age. But if ur loan amount is not high and u have good references (fixed deposit, solid financial background and solid guarantor) they might offer the car financing, try to call to public bank (any that you hv bankinig expeirences with) to...
  23. wfhan


    :driver: Here's the link to the fb page -> Log In | Facebook
  24. wfhan


    Most of us did not mod too much on exterior. altezza in stock exterior form (with or without bodykit) is already very handsome. 'Til now the look is still appealing. on interior, some has converted to 1jzgte, some converted from 5at to 6mt, some added turbo and some are still on stock. If u stay...
  25. wfhan

    Achilles ATR Sport

    Loose_end, Mind to share also which shop in klang carries atr sports 2, Tire shop around my neighborhood still with the atr sport-1, no sport-2 yet. Yup, received msg, thanks. Sure will give personal review report after i got those rubbers. Go do fender rolling.
  26. wfhan

    Achilles ATR Sport

    Markblurberry, Do you have the Danau Kota shop name/contact/address? If you don't mind, pls pm me that info, i am eager to try out the atr sport 2 (my tire due very soon). Thanks in advanced
  27. wfhan

    recond is250 with gps,how to get MY map

    No owners here that bought their is250 (with Nav) from Lexus Malaysia ? all you guys are owning a recon (uk/jpn) specs ?
  28. wfhan

    MY Lexus Club on Facebook

    joining the fun. requested. :P
  29. wfhan

    How long have you owned your Altezza.. Survey

    VJ, what does this mean (at the bottom of the list) ?
  30. wfhan

    Question: Ripping out the SatNav

    grey, u done yours too? ( garmin into satnav housing)
  31. wfhan

    Why selling?

    As much thoughts as i have about selling mine, i still keep her.
  32. wfhan

    Altezza spotted!!!

    Spotted near kg.jawa roundabout to jln bkt bkt kemuning Steady mate, don't drive so fast.
  33. wfhan

    Happy Ramadan To Muslim Friends

    selamat berpuasa to all muslim zth forumers!
  34. wfhan

    Altezza spotted!!!

    Spotted at Cyberjaya, white tezza plate SAA11??M.
  35. wfhan

    Toyota Trueno AE111 JDM (2 doors)

    probably already sold, and now is with new owner. :) nice, one of my fav.
  36. wfhan

    Suspension recommendations

    these words are what i have in mind too!.... hahaha yup, same feeling.
  37. wfhan

    NeeD Help from Sifu-Car engine Become heavy

    I just use the CRC Contact Cleaner bought from ACE hardware to clean mine. :P * talking about it, it is time to clean my MAF soon.. * i kno there's a shop in PJ, opposite PJ hilton and near KFC, the shop is not facing the main road one and they have quite a full range of CRC products. to DIY...
  38. wfhan

    Suspension recommendations

    what is 6061 aluminium ? some space shutter technology stuff ??? :P well said. What we can share here to the thread starter is probably our experience in using different setups along our ownership of the car. and... what i can share with you on my own experience is i have used a few...
  39. wfhan

    Altezza spotted!!!

    yesterday spotted twice BL?8886 silver tezza, clean, no bodykit. heading to putrajaya and return on highway near serdang hospital area.
  40. wfhan

    toyota altezza AS200

    usually i just fill her about 30Liter and she is good to go 300km. sometimes if hard reving, i get 270~280km out of same capacity, sometimes if i try to hog the slow lane with the all the motorbikes, i'd get 320km .... the end of making calculation simple, i get about 10km per 1 liter.
  41. wfhan

    toyota altezza AS200

    My fuel consumption is as average as a normal Tom, Dick, and Harry 2 liter sedan, thanks to the Dual VVT-i. Don't mean to be harsh, but if i want auto-cruise, i'd get an driver and get chauffeured around. I just to want to DRIVE the car, it is as simple as that. hehehe..
  42. wfhan

    3sge superchanger

    6 CD disc changer ? haha just kidding.. happy Monday...
  43. wfhan

    How fast is Caldina GT4 ?

    Caldina GT4 smoked my NA altezza..
  44. wfhan

    Altezza turbo

    Raymond, like what clip guy mentioned, not possible in the sense of direct transplant. To better justify the cost, better you BOT on the altezza's 3sge. P/s: long time no see, when u free to drop by KL, ping me to go TT, u interested in getting an Altezza??
  45. wfhan

    [Hiring] Software Engineer

    bump a a a a a