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  1. loose_end

    To New Beginnings

    Still no news on new model under Proton, what is taking them so long
  2. loose_end

    Thank you those of you who voted BN

    Hope car price will reduce gradually ~
  3. loose_end

    Wobbly cornering

    Probably bola became titanium d.
  4. loose_end

    Your satria not mivec cannot find bodykit myth

    I'm a little confuse, you couldn't find original Japan parts or Japan fiber or Malaysia parts ? The photo is mivec hood with mivec small lamp. If you are from MYR, plenty in mudah, facebook group.
  5. loose_end

    Zerotohundred sticker

    Met Vr2 from PJ.O.T - Jln Railway ~
  6. loose_end

    Zerotohundred sticker

    TT or Drive then lucky draw la.
  7. loose_end

    Zerotohundred sticker

    My TTA sticker faded d, can get another one for free Mr.Tom? Thanks
  8. loose_end

    Need Recommendations for Car Battery

    Neo CPS stock battery is DIN battery. The battery cashing or lock at the bottom is meant for DIN55R only. If smaller or bigger than that, can't lock. Therefore, bateriboy won't wanna give warranty is I use NS60.
  9. loose_end

    Need Recommendations for Car Battery

    Just change the Neo CPS with BateriBoy to DIN55R for RM290.00 ( Trade in ). Service level superb, reached within 30min and they have device to checked CCA level. Any idea why Neo Cps need good battery like Din55r instead of just Ns60 ?
  10. loose_end

    Need Recommendations for Car Battery

    I was told by the seller that "C" battery quality diminished especially on "C-Motorlight" model as the battery comes in to MYR empty and the seller manually adds in the electros.
  11. loose_end

    Need Recommendations for Car Battery

    Can share photo of your head shield Vr2. I'm gonna do it soon.
  12. loose_end

    New Forums! Welcome, please post all feedback here

    Can we have a longer vertically of "recent post". Thanks
  13. loose_end

    Need Recommendations for Car Battery

    17/08/2017 - Change to NS40 Century XX/10/2017 - Top up for NS70 Century 06/03/2018 - One to one change to NS70 Century 07/03/2018 - Forearm checked, no leakage and alternator in order Conclusion : Do not buy Century battery as informed by the seller himself. == Survey : Amaron NS70 is about...
  14. loose_end

    Need Recommendations for Car Battery

    Anyone tried Yamasaki before RM220 for wet ( NS70 ) before trade in ? Yuasa & Amaron ( NS70 ) MF is at RM280.00 after trade in.
  15. loose_end

    Need Recommendations for Car Battery

    Hi All, My previous battery lasted 4 1/2 years ( NS70 ). Car only has a radio player ( No amp ) and recently fitted led tail lamp with custom wiring. So I change to NS40 Century and it lasted only for a month, trade in for NS70 Century lasted probably 5 months. I barely drive the car but I...
  16. loose_end

    1jz E36 BMW frankensteining

    Any photo of the car ? Under which thread number. Thanks
  17. loose_end

    Transplanting entire aircon system from one car to another

    Why not just key components such as compressor ?
  18. loose_end

    Suggestions for 14" tyres

    Should be about rm90 to rm120 for this level of tyres ? 14''
  19. loose_end

    KE70 (estate)

    Why ke70 wagon ? Known for rust
  20. loose_end

    Boss kit / hub spoon?

    I don't know about spoon stamping but how's the material
  21. loose_end

    Engine Oil from Tesco

    Any tried SK ZIC from Korea ? Another thing, I find it stupid that the prices of oils in workshop ( mechanics ) higher than spare part shops.
  22. loose_end

    weekend / long distance car

    How about lancer ? but I find it pricey although it is still lower than fd2
  23. loose_end

    Honda is Malaysia's best selling foreign car, sold over 100K units in 2017

    Jazz, Hrv, Civic smacked T in the face. Always with the dull dugong
  24. loose_end

    weekend / long distance car

    In my opinion, FD2 is reliable. I barely go above 4k as the torque is sufficient at low end. Maintenance wise, won't break your pocket. I am amaze by its handling. FD2R handling would be sweeter. Being petrolhead, your leg and hands can get itchy. Therefore, FD2 has potential for mods.
  25. loose_end

    weekend / long distance car

    How about FD2 - Can use for long distance too 180km/h no problem ~ K20 enough said
  26. loose_end

    BMW 320i E90 2.0(A) or A180 Benz

    On a general side, how is merc maintenance cost , is it the same as bmw ? Any general issue on merc ( for bmw would be engine leak, electronic sensor )
  27. loose_end

    Proton Satria GTI body kit?

    Wira, Satria, Putra, Arena - Same Head
  28. loose_end

    Wira issues

    Replace the roof
  29. loose_end

    Engine oil and petrol brand (most controversial topic lol)

    So many funny brands this days even at Lazada. RM60 for fully syn. Are there any regulatory body which regulate these ?
  30. loose_end

    Changing username

    Mr.Tom can edit one just the no of post will start from zero.
  31. loose_end

    Motor Insurance De-tariff - Is it Cheaper?

    So far we didn't hear much of premium being reduce but coverage has increase ( Unlimited towing, etc ). Any insurer that includes floods, fire, etc as standard instead of optional ?
  32. loose_end

    Motor Insurance De-tariff - Is it Cheaper?

    The effect of de-tariff seems to be uncertain or yet to be significant lower in terms of premium. This topic is highly discussed in the insurance forum but insurer are not willing to share the information; thus, difficult for lay man to tell the effect of de-tariff. Example - Underwriter are...
  33. loose_end

    Car exhaust

    Why not electronically or manually controlled valve at mudah for less than 1k ? Spending 1k or 3k on exhaust, might as well get titanium exhaust from japan.
  34. loose_end

    Exhaust firing when up and down shifting

    Rev till 11k
  35. loose_end

    Aircond Compressor Draining Too Much Power?

    Everytime I pick up, I will off the air con.
  36. loose_end

    Lower arm bush

    Any in P.Jaya, Sunway or Subang area ?
  37. loose_end

    Aircond Compressor Draining Too Much Power?

    My 4G15 Auto 3 Speed, the problematic air con compressor significantly reduce the torque or speed by 40%. But after changing the air con compressor, I didn't face or feel the reduction anymore.
  38. loose_end

    Saga FLX 4g93

    Thanks Joe, if compare FLX suspension vs Satria Neo, which one better ?
  39. loose_end

    Saga FLX 4g93

    How is FLX handling ? Is the engine same as Gen2 Campro ? Any Campro CPS for Flx ?
  40. loose_end

    Perdana EVO 3 - Hard to start

    Any chance is the starter or alternator issue ? Thx
  41. loose_end

    Hissing Sound

    Sadly, the hissing sound was actually the air con compressor. It was "Black Death". I just changed the compressor in Sept 2015. However, there is no more load even when air con is on but a slight sound under the steering which resonance at 80km/h.
  42. loose_end

    Waja CPS recommended battery

    1) Why does conti like BMW need to use DIN type batteries ? 2) If use smaller size like NS40 for bigger cc, what is the negative effect ?
  43. loose_end

    New Jazz Sport Hybrid packs more e-juice and 7-speed DCT! - RM87,500

    Confirm this Jazz can race with Audi TT
  44. loose_end

    Hissing Sound

    Dear All, Engine : 4G15, 3 speed auto Problem : Hissing sound Location : Under the steering, dashboard area There will be a hissing sound for about 30 second from time to time ( Only when the air con is on ). The hissing sound does cause a drag (negative load) in power. Usually only...
  45. loose_end

    WTK:AE110 Manual to Electric AC Controls Conversion

    Manual better la
  46. loose_end

    What are you driving now?

    Can share photo of Evo X roof bulge? Googled but didn't understand. Tq
  47. loose_end

    Reliable honda workshop in pj / damansara area

    With 2 Door EG, any mechanic can do the job but need one that can be trusted. I reco JP Racing Performance, USJ
  48. loose_end

    Advice on major repair for e46

    How much did the 2nd shop quote you.
  49. loose_end

    Used Car purchase: Inspira 2.0P vs Suprima S

    Wait for end year, probably inspira can drop to 33k since now it is about 38k.