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    G13B Classic Roar...

    Last Process for bottom end. after dismantle all the part. put it on one side and kee padling.....
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    G13B Classic Roar...

    Yaa...old trick should apply on old mechanical maybe hahaha... i also apply gadgetman grove on TB, this topic maybe we can open new thread for more sharing i tought.. :emoji_thumbsup:
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    G13B Classic Roar...

    i will....:emoji_thumbsup:
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    G13B Classic Roar...

    When arrive....Head was in fully stock, Here we put singh's Grove (good to discuss later) New Cam seal, original Suzuki.... Secreat weapon from oversea, We clean and service all the part (note* liftter if has been go more than thousand mile better to change new or going to solid lifter)...
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    G13B Classic Roar...

    Share to you guys about Original taiho bearing, This is aftermarket part... also have copy manufacture. Everything has Pro & Con...
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    G13B Classic Roar...

    OEM for JDM model are already high comp.... we are baging for upgread here :driver::driver:
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    G13B Classic Roar...

    yes its swift from GT-i model...
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    G13B Classic Roar...

    Project Tittle : Project Y Summary : Build from zerotohundred... I was start with collecting all the information before start. and all the great advise from circle budy... Specification : 1.3cc / 4inline to 1.6 / 4inline... Rehore... Piston Pocket Calculation Bearing Fitting Calculation High...
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    Looking for rim Gramlight 57C or 57 Pro

    bro chek ur PM ! :bandit:
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    Various Car Caliper Brake Kits

    can fit for suzuki swift Gti old model ?
  11. Gram Light 57c

    Gram light 57c Condition: fair, 1 lips have little dent, already fix it 8.5/10 Price: 1,500 RM Area: Ampang Hilir Gram light 57c, made in japan ! offset : 43 PCD : 100 6.5jj Size : 15 ! 56, Jalan Tujuh Kampung Perwira Jaya Call/Wasap : 017-328 3098 - Am. 018-390 1830 -...
  12. Frame plate suzuki

    Frame plate suzuki Condition: Used Price: 25/pc RM Area: Ampang Hilir Suzuki frame plate holder for sale RM25/pc , made in japan ! for all suzuki enthusiast, installation FREE ! 56, Jalan Tujuh Kampung Perwira Jaya Call/Wasap : 017-328 3098 - Am. 018-390 1830 - Ameng suzuki. Price: RM...
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    Roll cage

    still have ? chek PM.
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    Old School Cars Discussion

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    Octane Max 4 by ECU SHOP

    SOLD TQ ! :shakehands::shakehands:
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    Buy World Famous Bardahl Additives & Lubricants

    PM for 10-40 semi syntetic. :wavey:
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    ZTH Cheras KL

    TT ? when and where ? lets we double confirm place, last to pull the trigger before Ramadan. :burnout::burnout::burnout:
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    Octane Max 4 by ECU SHOP

    Up ! Up ! Up ! Bump !
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    Octane Max 4 by ECU SHOP

    UP ! UP ! UP ! Bump !
  20. Octane Max 4 by ECU SHOP

    WTS :Ecu shop octane max 4, Pro / con : fully stand alone, original & long harnes, can recommend some tuner method : prefer COD, ( Putrajaya,cyber,bangi & cheras. ) also can pos world wide. PM FOR MORE DETAIL : 0173283098 / 0123276284 (saring) octane max is an modern engine management...
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    Looking for body car painting

    Bro fazidk did u do undercarriage tar ?
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    Where you go for alignment & balancing?

    anyone know manual alignment on kajang or nearest ??
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    Looking for body car painting

    bro fazidk can you do engine bay paint job ? xpayh trn engine, i here nowadays many paint shop can do it.
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    Tire White Lettering

    Get the marker one much more easy and of course very cheap but dun think its permanent, maybe need to redo every week..
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    Looking for body car painting

    can get cheap 1, but not to cheap la only different on 2,3 thousand only, you find by you self paint and brew by you self and go to paint shop for workmanship, but i think paint shop will not give you a warranty.
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    Need some info about brake pads

    anyone has experience for using DON brake pad before this ? plan to change to DON brake pad. :hello::hello:
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    Trw brake pad and disc rotor line up

    sir for front brake pad suzuki swift 1.3 GTi got it ? similar size & model like nissan N13 refer pic TQ. :adore::adore:
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    Bendix Brake Pads

    front brake pads for suzuki 1.3 GTi got ? similar model like nissan n13, refer sample pic. :adore::adore:
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    Performance Brake Pads OFFER OFFER OFFER !!!

    sir front brake pads for suzuki swift 1.3 GTi got ? similar model like nissan sunny n13, refer pic for sample.
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    [WTS] Works Engineering Pedal

    :itsme: still available for manual ? ready stock ? PM shop location, TQ.
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    Cheap cars to buy in Malaysia but fast!

    try suzuki swift GTi, pocket rocket. :driver::driver::driver:
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    Project cars and all

    Go to Suzuki Swift GTi, Little Cc with big ambition :smile::smile: one of the best compact car i have drive very enjoy...
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    high cam setting

    anyone can recommended me for do cam degree ?? i was tired ketuk2 cannot find the best proper tune help me :adore::adore::adore:
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    Project cars and all

    with one type car you looking for ? sub,saloon,kei, or hatch car....:smile::smile:
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    Installation for Microtech LT10s with X4 ign & 4 coil

    yup already do survey some mechanic/tuner ask for 1k ++ not include dyno and just tune using wide bend only, other tuner also ask for 2k ++ include all the service dyno, tuning, modified if need and etc2 . my mate was explain to me microtech not to user friendly cause their come out with...
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    Ecu putra 5537

    already have it bro, will contact u latter if i need another one set ECU, TQ.... plzz tom delet this post.:proud::proud:
  37. Ecu putra 5537

    hello guys im looking for ECU 4g93 DOHC 1.8 N/A... code 5537 TOP URGENT ! :smokin::smokin::smokin: TQ.
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    Installation for Microtech LT10s with X4 ign & 4 coil

    Hello guys, need some information, how much budget for installation LT10 + basic tune ?? :hmmmm::hmmmm::hmmmm:
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    Camshaft Repair - Any place in Malaysia?

    guys what do you think about this damage can give any impact on my engine ? arrive from Europe last week,need some advise from you guys... seller already tell me nothing worries about this.:hmmmm2::hmmmm2:
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    Camshaft Repair - Any place in Malaysia?

    how to know that cam was made by forged, cast or billet ? from their look ? any diffrent from their surface or etc... ixeo this cam was a perfomance cam...
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    Camshaft Repair - Any place in Malaysia?

    guys want to ask how to know that cam has been welded ? another one what is different between hollow cam, solid cam,billet,forged,and cast any one can explain....:confused:
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    Suzuki Swift: 1.5 (m15a/zc21): Discussions/Opinions

    how about lee keramat, maybe will help you,... :smokin::smokin::smokin:
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    about microtech Lt10s

    item was safely arrived all in complete set, thank for those who was inbox me and give some advance.. TQ2.... btw how to delet this thread ? plzz help :adore::adore:
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    JDM Car Gathering V2

    i cant open you FB link...:wink::wink:
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    Food Talk...Eat, Eat & Eat.

    ermmmm guys anyone can share 3 rasa nice2 in kajang,bangi,putrajaya or serdang area ?? :questionmark::questionmark:
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    Top 10 cars that are common among young Malaysians.

    if jeremy was in malaysia he will be bang by FMC club maybe...... :biggrin::biggrin:
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    Air Filter Comparison..

    can u guys share to me some pic for you own costume heat shield ? i want to make one to ? i need some kick stater before make it one, heeeeeee:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    Breaking news!! Got cheated at mudah

    if you looking for trusted watch seller better you join horology group and get some info about trusted seller their have a list for joy seller.... always update,:smile::smile:
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    SUPERPRO Polyurethane Bushes

    Check you inbox sir. TQ..:cool::cool:
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    Air Filter Comparison..

    can i know what car you want to install it ? all is depend on you bduget...