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    Trade in Price.

    Hi, How about Proton Gen2 Manual 2004 1600cc
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    Perdana v6 : Road to 300whp.... and beyond

    Is it SCG-1? Bought mine at Rm1.2k last time, but back then was using bosch 4.1 LSU wideband, current is 4.9 i believe. Its a good package overall, you can have wideband, ebc,shiftlight and also data logging, but its not that good at boost control. IMHO greddy OLED can do much better job than...
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    Waja CPS recommended battery

    Iam using ns70 for my gen2 without battery bracket, well iam not using my gen2 for touge driving. Its just a town car. The main reason for using ns70 wet type is basically financial reason. 1)ns 70 last longer than small battery. 2)ns 70 wet type will last longest from my reading. 3)ns70...
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    AE Tuned - ECU Performance Tuning (review)

    evo and subby guys can use open source application with tetrix cable i believe. well thats the only car i know that can tune stock ecu. Others rechip or piggyback.
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    S90 throttle body sticky

    Or maybe the valve expand at higher rate than the body of the throttle body, thats why its only sticky after a the engine is fully warm.
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    Roll Fender

    saw facebook post for rm120 labour charge include adjust your adjustable absorber ride height. Thats for all 4 corners. I believe rm80 for fender roll only. But theres a catch, no shop, they come to you or you come to them.
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    noisy clutch

    Iam with lsm1991, When we depress the clutch, the bearing will function and rotate the whole clutch assembly without the clutch pad. I believe whether its a pull or push type, its the same concept. Bearing will function when the clutch depress only.
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    Perdana v6 : Road to 300whp.... and beyond

    I dont know how to use multi-quote, but may thanks for the input sirs. marsha1l_v6 ^pomen_GTR^ Regards
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    Perdana v6 : Road to 300whp.... and beyond

    Hi sir or anyone, Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but what do you mean by fitting double fin? 6+6, 7+7? Currently iam running blitz k3-450r, quite laggy, 4.7krpm full boost, old style turbo. Maybe like td06-20g range but bigger fin. So my questions is, with double blade, will it give...
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    Anyone using ATR Sport tyre here ?

    But ive bought dayton dt30 at rm190 and you can get rovelo sport a1 at rm195 with the same spec tire. but LS is much better performance i believe.
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    Fuel Injector Cleaning & Service

    I believe N1 Could do it, but again the injector is in my car, and its a hassle to remove it do another flow test.
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    Anyone using ATR Sport tyre here ?

    So ive been using this tires for(atr sport)........3 years, from 2013 till 2016. So what is my review regarding this tires. bought 215/45/r17(front) and also 225/45/r17 (rear). After a while the tires harden like your didi when your eyes see a sexy wimmin. Really bad grip during rain (brake...
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    CRC MAF cleaner

    Ive use Mr kinetic, Quite cheap. bought it on9, please see url below Mr McKenic Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry) 400ML just to share my experienced, not advertising. used it on sr20det MAF since my expensive contact cleaner bought at ace hardware finished edy.
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    Works Engineering Pro Gauges Review

    theres an option, you can buy shadow meter,but a cousin of mine is using the first edition shadow meter i guess, and its also faulty, cant remember what gauge. But you can set the the warning light,not like works,its preset,for example exhaust temp if above 800c it will start blinking or when my...
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    Works Engineering Pro Gauges Review

    Owh yeah, new update regarding the gauges. Officially the exhaust temperature gauge is KAPUT. Usually during startup it will do a preliminary check from 0 to the highest temp, now the needle only goes to 500c. Iam trying to contact with works engineering HQ to buy the gauge only and meantime...
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    Beware of Suspicious Sellers in Mudah!

    Just want to share my experience. Buy at mudah with online payment only with big name company but please do ask everything before you make a deal. For me stay away from a company such as RT performance. Deal with the guy to COD, waited for him for a bout and hour but he only replied me back...
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    Wideband Airfuel Ratio Meter

    go to and search fo innovate. u'll see bosch sensor. click buy,make payment and wait the courier to arrive.haha
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    Wideband Airfuel Ratio Meter

    You can buy innovate wideband with gauge at rm645 in They said its original.thats pretty worth it? i decided to buy exhaust temp rather than wideband sensor at i think its a wrong choice. Better buy wideband though.
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    Wideband Airfuel Ratio Meter

    whats the life span of the wideband sensor anyway? also want to put into my car,but some says the life span is about 40hours only.
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    Works Engineering Pro Gauges Review

    Buying used item also need to check it first,once bought hks evc 5,and the thing fuc*ed up already, was showing 0.7bar and theres no way to calibrate it. eh btw, works engineering is going to sell multi meter just like the greddy multi meter D/A or sumthin, they said they just reband the item...
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    Works Engineering Pro Gauges Review

    What he said is correct, I wanna do that and i did it but the reading was too much differences. I plugged oil press gauge into exhaust temp sensor and it says about 7bar when the engine is cold in the morning. The oil press graph only goes till 10bar,so i cant analyzed whether the sensor or...
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    Works Engineering Pro Gauges Review

    Update: So today I went to the guy whom u bought from at sunway. So i told him the problem and then he calls works enginnering HQ(or Sales,i dont know) to tell about the problem. Then he told me to go to works engineering and seek advise from them. I went to works engineering and was...
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    So what the current best price for the item? Please pm me.thank you
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    Works Engineering Pro Gauges Review

    Hi all, today I would like to share my experience with this heartache gauges. So here's the story. I bought 2 works engineering pro gauges 1) Oil pressure 2) Exhaust temp So i installed it according to the manual and it works great until i found something not quite right with the readings. The...
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    detuning sr20det auto

    dont change to smaller turbo.just change the same size turbo with ballbearing. Thats sufficient, if not one day you would like to tekan till 5krpm or more,u'll feel the car has no power at all.
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    What do you think?

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    Voltage Stabilizer

    CCA should be cold crank ampere, you can change the cca of your battery by changing the battery size. For example ns60 batt will have lower cca than ns70. Ive search that DIN size battery offer better CCA than NS battery with comparable size such as ns70 with din66 and ns60 with din55. Out of...
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    Turbos improve or worsen fuel consumption?

    true that,that what i was saying. Who would put a small turbo with low compression engine or vice versa. It doesnt make sense. Thus it would make turbo engine has low efficiency at certain rpm and high efficiency at certain rpm. If a stock engine comes with the engineer has studied the...
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    Turbos improve or worsen fuel consumption?

    For me. They reduce the mileage because of low compression piston. Its like driving a under powered car.feels heavy. Once the turbo has right amount of air flow,it starts to get more efficient. Technology now days make engine with high compression engine which makes better drive at low rpm and...
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    High fuel consumption + White plugs?

    had the same problem when i bought my car,it was seconhand, it was bought from a woman. Fuel consumption was bad, spark plug was white, exhaust manifold was glowing red,rather driving slow or hard.same thing,glowing red as hell,can see clearly in night. It was the fuel pump. :)
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    terrano sr20det vs pajero lo49

    responsive at lower rpm,u might as well search for rb25. with my old setup,stock small ass turbo, the fullboost is around 3krpm. If you want it to have an instant power, try to search for garrett ar80 turbo with ballbearing catridge, the turbo comes from gt4 sr20det FWD,i guess. cant remember...
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    terrano sr20det vs pajero lo49

    noise level at 2.5krpm is acceptable, at 3krpm (110kmh) is noisy,just because of the exhaust is too big(more hamster powahhh). Water pump is not driven by chain,its driven by FEAD system,belting.Just unscrew the bolt,then walla its off. 1340kg is acceptable,that light,even my 180sx around...
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    terrano sr20det vs pajero lo49

    Please dont buy sr20det,it will leave us with less cheap parts.kikikiki owh btw my sr20det 90km/h is 2.5krpm and the fuel consumption with 550cc injectors is 10.5/l on 180sx body. daily drive it about 90km per day. everthing works...but you have to take good care of it. s14 engine with...
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    My experience on OWS Spark Plugs

    yupe,what madman said, copper plugs are the best. but for my case,its hard to find BKRE plug with Heat range 7, all selling heat range 6. My only source is from antupocong(the guy driving polo gti), the last time i ask to buy from him also dont have stock. So i bought iridium plug as the...
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    gauge meter

    works cost around rm250,got my egt for rm340 and for oil pressure around rm280, and also sandwich adaptor for oil pressure for rm80.if iam not mistaken. Happy with the gauge.ermmm not that happy, the oil pressure not consistent after a hard press. Better add lil more money and buy shadow...
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    gauge meter

    if iam not mistaken price around rm300,slightly expensive than works gauge.but better though
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    propeller shaft balancing - where?

    so the shop location only in Ipoh? is there any other location to do it? BTW. You have a great website.:adore:
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    Help me with my fuel system

    last time i had the same problem, the culprit was the gauge itself. the location of the FPR was too hot,so i relocate the FPR and a good member of this forum gave me an idea to drain all the oil inside the my reading is consistent.
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    CVT vs DCT

    dude,the latest subaru is equipped with cvt.TUrbo summore 2015 Subaru Impreza WRX Preview - CNET
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    Engine Decarbonizer

    how much that it cost?wheres the shop location
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    Engine Decarbonizer

    used seafoam,the original carbonizer or whatever. 3/4 through the vacuum lines(1/2 trough iacv vacuum and the other half from the TB vacuum) 1/4 inside the petrol. So the conclusion,it doesnt work at all.maybe going to use another cleaner and put inside the combustion chamber trough the...
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    Fuel Injector Cleaning & Service

    just to revive this old thread. last year went to gt auto for a cleaning service, but no flow rate result given, Now iam looking for a place where can give flow rate result, anybody can help me here? Gt auto no flow rate, n1 also no flow rate, andt rev performance also no flow rate. Now where...
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    Proper way to Jump Start & Change Battery

    any conductor of electric will do, just make sure it has low resistance.if using speaker cable.till your grandson has a children also cant start the car. haha
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    Why do you like to mod your cars?

    no money to buy ferrari
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    Anyone use SHADOW meter before? Any review/commend?

    i would like to say a lil opinion regarding works meter. just for your information: a) Bought 2 gauges, oil pressure and exhaust temp,but currently only install oil pressure gauge. b) Installation is easy,DIY only. c) for the reading,for me its accurate but.....of course theres a but. its not...
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    Emanage to Standalone conversion?

    So i was surfing zerotohundred and found this interesting topic...the title is "Convert Emanage Blue/Ulti to a standalone". So anybody has done it yet? and some more info after...
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    Convert Emanage Blue/Ulti to a standalone

    what happen to this project? any review?
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    Best Fuel for Ordinary Cars (RON95)

    had the charcoal canister before,but ditch it somewhere in the dustbin.muahahahah. it just my messy engine bay messier.hehehe.
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    Steering Momo Formula 3 spoke rare

    same model as my old steering,didnt know that its a rare item and this expensive.hahah. damn