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    Perdana v6 6a12 auto upgrades

    Dear sifus, Ive been using this car for more than 2 years. It is stock standard.Auto transmission.I feel that an upgrade to the performance would make me fall in love with my car again..planning to keep the engine untouched.perhaps just minor upgrades..better feel perhaps.please advice what...
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    Optimum Coating : Detailing & Coating the Girlfriend's Ride Nissan 350z

    I oso wan to be your gf josh..just for a day,at least till job is done.haha -faris-
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    Looking for Skyline R34 owner

    Welcome to the club bro
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    looking for parts? post it here...

    Hi guys.anybody know where can i get the top fuel pump cover for r34 gtr?its the one the one with the 3 fuel hose connected to it.thanks.
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    Mahle, CP piston

    try and check on google regarding on mahle pistons.they are good,thats for sure.N1 is selling them below 3k if im not mistaken. but bear in mind,theres a few modification needs to be done to it if u were to use it for rb26. especially the oil squiters.
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    Power FC tuning

    Hows your experience with power FC?where did you go to tune it?Any good or bad experience at the tuner?
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    Power FC tuning

    YES, i know this has been on the thread before. :) But time changed and im sure there is heaps of tuners out there. Problem is; are they good or not? Please share your experience of your power fc/hks fcon/haltech/motec etc tuning place and the result of it dear sifu's and otai otai! :)
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    who the best tuner for apexi power fc doubt he's the best.but its not easy to get him to do that
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    who the best tuner for apexi power fc

    Guys,any news on the best tuner for bnr34?
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    Why is it so hard to get your car insured?

    Thanks guys for the info.Appreciates it :)
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    Why is it so hard to get your car insured?

    hey eu jin, cheers buddy. I've inquire several insurance company,still the same answer. Everything else is done except for the insurance.By the way, will pass your things after my car's insured :) Happy chinese new year!
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    Why is it so hard to get your car insured?

    Dear sifus and skyline otai2, Why is it so difficult to find any insurance company to insured your car? Which insurance should i use in order to insure my skyline? Thank you guys.
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    18" & 19" 2nd hand premium brand tyres for SALE

    bro,please quote me price for 275/35/18. any brands at all.
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    TTH Imported Used tyre

    looking for 275/35/18. how much?
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    WTS :New Apple iPhone 4G 32GB..HTC Desire S..BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900

    bro,is the iphone still available..?
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    (new)michelin ps3 tires for sale.

    bro pls pm me the quote for 275/35/18. Thanks
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    Nissan skyline bnr34 v spec for let go

    bro,can u sell me just the parts?
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    am student in aussie, wish to bring car back to malaysia

    hmm..anybody can be more specific on this pls?im interested too.. long is the procedure? 2.where should i apply student ap when im in aussie? 3.if i stay 1 year there,but im using the car for 9 month already,issit possible 2 bring back?or do i have 2 stay for 2years? 4.what is the...
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    selling skyline GTT R34 - URGENT SALES-

    BA5, thanx bro! V-SPEC : hehe..have to sell lah money..hehe.thanks for the info,will change it a.s.a.p!hehe vincent : heey vincent! will definately wait for u. ---------- Post added 09-11-2010 at 12:41 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was 09-10-2010 at 11:09 PM...
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    selling skyline GTT R34 - URGENT SALES-

    Car is still available. Bumps!
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    selling skyline GTT R34 - URGENT SALES-

    Haha.tu laa pasal.umah dekat je,bwat lah open house!haha. BUMPS!
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    selling skyline GTT R34 - URGENT SALES-

    haha.raya pun xsempat shopping. Bumps!!!
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    selling skyline GTT R34 - URGENT SALES-

    haha.yes bro!!going to Aussie soon.need the money untuk hidup di sana.haha
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    selling skyline GTT R34 - URGENT SALES-

    thanx bro! Bumps!
  25. selling skyline GTT R34 - URGENT SALES-

    specs: The car comes with very new 18" CE28N. Bought brand new a year ago. Rubbers are Federal 595 for each corner. It comes with the full Atia aerokit including eastbear eye lids and eastbear front lower lips,and the Atia spoiler (many thinks this is HKS) but I've confirmed this although some...
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    Super PRO Polyurethane Bushes

    bro,do u have bushing for skyline gtt r34..?if u do,how much will it cost?
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    emanage blue-mutiara version

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    emanage blue-mutiara version

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    emanage blue-mutiara version

    bump!! ---------- Post added at 09:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:53 PM ---------- bumpsss!!!!!!!good stuff!!
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    emanage blue-mutiara version

    its been less den 8 months in my car.bump!!!
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    emanage blue-mutiara version

    sorry bro,no more warrenty,but u can view 1st to see its ori or not.
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    emanage blue-mutiara version

    pm replied!bumpp!!! ---------- Post added at 06:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:48 PM ---------- bump!
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    emanage blue-mutiara version

    Bump!! ---------- Post added at 11:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:23 PM ---------- bumpssss!
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    emanage blue-mutiara version

    location in petaling jaya/klang valley. Bump!!
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    emanage blue-mutiara version

    standard harness
  36. emanage blue-mutiara version

    Greddy emanage blue-mutiara version SOLD PRICE UPDATE: RM850 guys,im letting go my emanage blue,mutiara version which means its 100% doubt bout it.item juz taken out frm car.tip top condition like brand price is rm880.everything goes.1 complete set(basic...
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    which engine oil 2 b used

    thanx again guys!sorry for the trouble! =)
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    which engine oil 2 b used

    guys,which engine oil 2 b used for gtt?and what is the suitable viscousity?
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    Car Spray Promotion - Free Body kits

    bro how much for skyline gtt r34?do u haf custom bodykit as well..?
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    CARBON FIBER product cheap cheap selling

    how much for cf hood for skyline r34?
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    Knock Meter Warning

    is ur knock sensor still available..?
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    Greddy oil catch tank NEW

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    Nissan S15 / R34 GTR for Sale

    what!!!??rm160k!!??r u serious!!!!???arghhh!!should haf post diz earlier!!!
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    Apexi black rsm or Apexi D1 with immamura rsm?

    thanx guys!!black rsm it is!
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    blitz or apexi

    usefull info bro!!thanx !! =)
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    Apexi black rsm or Apexi D1 with immamura rsm?

    both is also limited edition. Only 500 of D1 immamura cosmetic wise, black rsm looks wayyy nicer.hard 2 make decision.haha