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  1. 1981 Ford Laser 1.5 (M) Problem Free

    A great used classic up for sale. In well working condition, many new, refurbished, and upgraded parts. Perfect for short distance and city driving. Engine has been overhauled, K&N filter, central locking, comfortable seats from Vios, new exhaust system, upgraded head and tail lamps & sports...
  2. Performance Parts for Mazda RX7 FC3S half cut

    All items are used but fairly good condition and still usable. From RX7 FC3S Series 4 Half Cut 1. Calsonic Oil Cooler (full aluminium) with hoses - fins slight dented but no leaks = RM 200 2. Stock radiator + plastic cover = RM 200 3. Knight Sports Turbo kit (looks like the RF320) +...
  3. SideWaysGrey

    FD parts to give away

    To be given away to any current FD owners, as these were given to me by Sifu Dev and Sifu Chun Beng 1. Rear seats 2. Stock front bumper lips 3. Stock spoiler 4. 99 spec spoiler 5. Central locking - rare stuff, comes with installation instructions, in Japanese :p 6. Battery Box Can...
  4. SideWaysGrey

    Some FC3S performance parts for sale

    Hi Folks, I've dismantled my FC halcut and selling the parts separately. Please refer to link Click here Ive also got spare dashboard and some interior parts. let me know what you need and Ill see if i have it. Also available full wiring from the clip
  5. RX7 FC3S performance parts

    Hi folks, just clearing up my store and dissembled my track car project, so selling off everything. All parts must go. All items are used but fairly good condition and still usable. From RX7 FC3S Series 4 Half Cut 1. Calsonic Oil Cooler (full aluminium) with hoses - fins slight dented...
  6. Toyota Chaser '92

    Toyota Mark II Facelifted to JZX81 Chaser 1G-GTE 2000cc 24V Twin Turbo - from GX81 Cresta Engine fully rebuilt with original 1G Overhaul kit Camshafts balanced All intake and exhaust ports ported for optimum flow HKS Blow Off Valve Stock intercooler and piping Stock engine fan upgraded to twin...
  7. ESH Cash Voucher worth RM 999

    -SOLD- Gift Voucher for sale. Item is a Pioneer DVD Home Theater System model PIO - HTZ280. Consist of DVD receiver + amplifier, subwoofer, center speaker, and 4 tall boys. I tested the sound quality in the shop - superb ! Voucher is worth RM 999 for this entire set. Applicable at ALL ESH...
  8. SideWaysGrey

    Side mirror flip relay

    Hi guys, Im looking for the relay to enable my side mirrors to flip/close when I press the switch inside. my mech and accesories shop fella have both failed to locate this relay as it comes in a set (new) or not sold at all - so they say. was wondering if any one of you have a spare unit or...
  9. Sony Trinitron 29' TV

    Hi guys & gals, I have a spare Sony Trinitron FLAT 29' with 3D TruSuround System SRS for sale. In perfect working condition. Comes with original remote and all buttons functioning. RM 450 OBO Can place this in your bedroom to play PS3, kids room or kitchen for the Mrs to watch her fav soap...
  10. SideWaysGrey

    RE Amemiya Air Filter element

    Hi guys, Im looking to purchase the filter element/sponge thats used in the RE Amemiya air filter for the FD. Any pointers on where i can get it? Or any other compatible ones? Thanks
  11. SideWaysGrey

    Insulation and sound dampening

    Hi guys, Just wanting your thoughts and suggestions on making the 7 more quiet and comfy. What have you done to make the ride more comfortable in terms of NHS reduction? Ive read that you can do foam injection & sound dampening mats. What are your thoughts and which shop would you...
  12. KE70 Liftback 13BT Rotary Engine

    Hi guys, Im thinking of letting go my track car as Ive not been attending to it for some time now. Below are the specs from the top of my head : Chasis : Born a KE70 Liftback aka TE72 or 'Hotdog' Engine bay and interior fully spot welded. Additional support bars and braces added for...
  13. Some JZX81/GX81 and R32 Parts

    1. R32 GTS front 4 pot brakes disk, calipers and brake pads (almost new condition) RM500 NOW RM 400 SOLD 2. R32 GTR rear 2 pot brakes disk (cross drilled), calipers and NEW KUMI brake pads RM750 NOW RM 500 only 3. GX81 rear Anti-Roll Bar. Not sure if compatible with JZX81 IRS Rm 100...
  14. Faber Mini fridge

    Hi guys, I have a spare mini fridge to let go. In very good condition, clean and functioning well. Perfect for singles or simply a mini bar for your room. It can hold bottles at the side and main area. Can store late nite snacks like chocolates. Also can make ice cubes. Its currently at my...
  15. Apple iPod Shuffle 4GB

    Hi folks, As topic, I got a NEW iPod Shuffle 4GB for sale. Still in box and unopened. Note, this is NOT the Polished model. Retailing on Apple's site for RM 299 I'm letting go for rm 250 NETT Self collect from PJ, Section 14 or Taman Kinrara, Jalan Puchong. For full spec ...
  16. WTB: Mazda RX7 FD3S Interior Parts

    Hi guys, Im looking to refurbish a RX7 FD3S, so looking for these items below : 1. Steering cover 2. Gear shift boot 3. ECU plastic cover (the plastic that covers the ECU on passenger leg side 4. Foot plastic cover on driver side 5. Front under fenders cover / splash guard aka 'banana...
  17. SideWaysGrey

    IDEMITSU Racing Rotary Lubricants

    Hi guys, Just want know your thoughts and opinions of this engine oil on your RE's. IDEMITSU Racing Rotary Lubricants 10W30. Apparently its available in Pit Stop, Sunway Pyramid. Has anyone used it before? any pro's and cons? Or you prefer another make/model?
  18. SideWaysGrey

    Toyota X80/81 TT cum Gathering

    Unofficial X81 TT Date : 19th June 2009 Time : 10pm Place : Kiost Tajmah @ Sunway KIOSK TAJMAAH is situated next to ESSO station in Sunway, next to Sunway Pyramid, very near to Restoran Sri Bidara. The contact person for this TT will be: Naveen 012-6904219
  19. SideWaysGrey

    Suitable BOV for 1G-GTE with minor mods

    Just a quick query on a suitable bov for my engine as im quite noob in this dept :biggrin: A quick background first. Im driving a Toyota Chaser 1G-GTE ie 2.0 inline 6 cylinder twin turbo auto. It was auto, till now currently converting to manual transm. As the engine is out, attending to some...
  20. Condo in Kelana Tiara- for rent/sale

    Posting on behalf of my relative. Condo unit in Kelana Tiara for rent or sale. Its opposite of Giant along the LDP. 1441 sqft. 3 Rooms and 2 bathrooms. Well furnished, clean and is facing the pool. This is very near the LRT station. Rent is RM 1500. Call Mrs Kumar 017 3665972
  21. Toyota Mark 2 converted to Chaser

    Hi folks, Id like to let go my beloved Mark 2 to the next person to take care of her. 1991 Toyota Mark 2 LX80 - Rear end converted to JZX81 Chaser. Engine has been replaced by previous user, so no leaking and minimal engine wear & tear. 2.4 Diesel Direct Injection, Manual Transmision...
  22. SideWaysGrey

    FS : Mark 2 (LX 80)

    Pls refer to link below :
  23. Toyota Mark 2

    Toyota Mark 2 (LX80) ex KLIA Limo YOM 1991 2000cc Petrol engine, Manual transmission All stock and very good condition RM 10.5K neg Price Drop to RM 9 800 now! SOLD. Thank you
  24. Mitsubishi Lancer A172

    *updated. Pls offer me a price for this. Selling my ride after buying another now. Make : Mitsubishi Model : Lancer A172 Engine : G15B 1.5cc (JPJ registered) Gbox : 1.4 for better ratio Rear axle : A172 replaced ( dont need to replace for another 20 years) All mechanical and...
  25. Acer Aspire 5541 - Used

    My friend wants to sell him laptop. Its a Acer Aspire 5541 Bought last month for office use, but decided to sell off as change in company policy. Warranty still applies Some specs : intel core duo processor 1.6 14.1" wide screen crystal brite 60 GB hard disk dvd/cd-rw combo 512 ram...
  26. SideWaysGrey

    FS: Toyota Corolla TE72

    Pls refer to this link.
  27. Toyota Corolla TE72

    Selling my spare TE72 aka KE70 Liftback All stock condition. 1300cc 4K engine inside. RM 2000 neg till sold call 012-6904219 for fast deal. Car in Seremban.
  28. SideWaysGrey

    KS Turbine for sale

    Hi folks, I have a KS Turbine for sale. RM 1.6K Also a full roll cage for FC3S RM 600 only Pls call 012-6904219
  29. SideWaysGrey

    Stuff for 4A 16V RWD & others for sale
  30. SideWaysGrey

    WTB: 20B half cut

    Hi folks, A fren in a workshop is looking to buy a 20B complete half cut. So if any one of you comes across one, pls do let me know. PM or call me 012-6904219 Thanks
  31. SideWaysGrey

    My Drift RE Project

    As some of you know I recently purchased a FC clip and going to put it into a Toyota Corolla TE72 aka 2 door KE70. As Im a noobie in the RE field, I'd appretiate your views/opinions/do's & dont's following this conversion process and to further maintain my RE. My mech and I have taken the engine...
  32. SideWaysGrey

    FS: FC Body Parts

    Greetings fellow Rotarians, I've recently purchased a track FC half cut and would like to offer the body panels for sale. Im not sure which gen FC is this but on the front bumper there is no Mazda word on it. It maybe an aftermarket one but Im not sure. panels include : 1. Both side fenders...
  33. Mitsubishi Lancer A172

    Im selling my car to make way for another. Make : Mitsubishi Model: Lancer A172 Engine : G15B 1.5 (JPJ registered) Gbox: 1.4 for better ratio Rear axle : A172 replaced ( dont need to replace for another 20 years) All mechanical and electrical parts either replaced or serviced so no...
  34. SideWaysGrey

    FS: 4A 16V like half cut

    Greetings folks. Im selling off my current engine to make way for another. Currently its taken out from my car and in the workshop. Everything from engine bay goes including dashboard, tank etc 1. 4AGE 16V engine -head ported and polished -full engine weighed & balanced -TRD exhaust...
  35. SideWaysGrey

    Toms flywheel for 4AGE 16V

    refer to link below. thanks
  36. MSI K7N2G MotherBoard

    I have this extra motherboard at home. Only used it for a few months then upgraded to Asus. . Specs: MSI K7N2G-L Product site add : . I bought it for about RM430. FYI, New is sold at RM 300+ Im letting it go at...
  37. FS: Toyota Carina

    Sold My fren, Alan is selling his car. The specs as below: Toyota Carina Coupe TA60 SOLD 1982 Original engine 2T-GEU Converted to 4AGEU 16V from AA63 half cut - registered Sun roof this is damn farking rare Power steering for you lazy ppl 15" stock rims Body needs some work and in due...
  38. SideWaysGrey Defying Grip Challenge 01 Defying Grip Challenge 01 Where : Shah Alam Stadium Carpark When : 6th March 2005 , Sunday. 9am onwards Entrance Fee : RM70 per driver Track layout: view next post. Maximum participants: 25 RWD only. Time----------Event 9:00am----------Drift Session 12:30pm---------Lunch...
  39. SideWaysGrey


    the prev post has been 'deleted' Id like to know how much for a front cut of a 13B from RX7 1.3 turbo/ twin turbo ? thanks
  40. SideWaysGrey

    KE70 Workshop Manual

    Folks, I recently purchased a scraped KE70 liftback 2 doors. Currently sitting in my home garage and being stripped every weekend when I go home. Im looking for a KE70 service manual or workshop manual. Anyone has? Ive tried searching on the Net, but cant find. Will try Kinokuniya later. Any...
  41. SideWaysGrey

    Toyota Carina For Sale

    Folks, posting for my friend. Carina
  42. Toyota Carina

    Greetings folks. Posting on behalf of my friend. Make : Toyota Carina TA60 Engine : 1G-GTE Straight 6cy 24V, Std I/C, Alum piping, Apexi BOV, HKS Air Filter, TRD Radiator Cap ECU : Mines Rear Axle : Levin AE86 with LSD Suspension : Rear - GAB soft/hard adj Front - Custom hight adj...
  43. SideWaysGrey

    UK sold

    Whare can I get this bellhousing? Msia Made Bellhousing Anyone knows?
  44. SideWaysGrey

    Accord Euro R

    Hi guys, I need a little assistance here. Would like to know what is the paint code for the Accord Euro R grey. I plan to paint my car this colour so it would be helpful if i had the paint code to give the painters. Thanks.
  45. Charade GTti 1.0 Turbo

    Greetings zth forummers. I’m posting this on behalf of the seller. The owner is upgrading to a FR. - Daihatsu Charade Aura G102 1300cc converted to GTti 1.0 TURBO! - 2K Metallic Black Paint - Power steering - power windows - 15' sport rims with RE711 tyres - HKS turbo timer - Blitz BOV - KNN...
  46. SideWaysGrey

    E30 LSD Axle

    Im looking out for a E30 rear axle with LSD. I understand it comes with the older M3 versions. Where can I source for one and roughly how much woulds it cost? Im considering to make a sideways machine so need a LSD axle. Thanks folks.