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    problem with check engine light after vtec open

    once CEL lights up, the error code will still be there even if the CEL doesnt light up after u restart the engine....until u reset the is to read the error code to identify the correct problem n way to solve it....
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    Skyline Marketplace Links - Parts & Others

    hmm...very quite this one selling anything anymore?....
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    Best rims for R34 GTR?

    ic....i need to go jalan2 to hupshun sunway n do some recons then...:biggrin:
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    Best rims for R34 GTR?'ll do the moment i hv eyes on LMGT4 or TE37 like many other R34s around...
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    Best rims for R34 GTR?

    yes sir....they are currently in my well in a GTR actually, just that they don't quite fit my wallet ler...:biggrin:
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    Best rims for R34 GTR?

    what's the market price for a set of used LMGT4 nowadays?...also, i heard different color priced differently too, like bronze somewhat is more expensive than say black or silver?....
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    Best rims for R34 GTR?

    i didn't buy it separately....they comes with the car...can already foresee the future that i won't be able to afford the tires once they wear that's the main reason lah to let it go...since most other skylines i saw are on 18"...
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    Best rims for R34 GTR?

    Hello everyone....sorry to dig out this old thread...I am thinking of selling this 19" TE37 SL, to make way (and get me some modal) for 18" wheel + tire....does anyone have any thought how much it worth in the used market now?
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    BNR34 GTR Skyline

    i can never afford one of these....ever... :(
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    Looking for bnr34

    FB malaysian skyline club?....
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    wts your skyline? post it here

    I think R35 when first launched they were about RM450k++ also, wasn't it?...6yrs old R35 now priced as low as RM280k.....but 13yrs old R34GTR now priced at about seems the R35 price drop faster than R34GTR....too many of R35 produced maybe?....
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    wts your skyline? post it here

    i cant help to come some R35 prices have dropped to below 300k....but the R34GTR is not even nearing 100k...a few advertised are even almost 200k still.....
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    Looking for bnr34

    i saw one blue R34GTR for sale at the Marketplace....but it's at RM199,999.00 lar....:biggrin:
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    Car compression test

    what does he mean "spark plug always burn"? n full of carbon?.... ---------- Post added at 12:07 AM ---------- 6 hour anti-bump limit - Previous post was at 12:01 AM ---------- borrow a set of good working spark plug cables from someone, then install in your car...see if that...
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    wts your skyline? post it here's back....same car....different seller... "Skyline R34 original spec . The car is on pending at TCM Shipping company , the car bought and registered in Malaysia . If the JPJ cant approve the car in Malaysia , you will get full refund . Just need to pay deposit first . Full payment...
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    wts your skyline? post it here

    can this be trusted?....scam?....quoted as: "The car is in Denmark . But i'll do the shipping to you . Selling my Skyline R34 (RM59,990) . Pay deposit first . Call me to get the best deal . The process less than 1 month ." Nissan Skyline R34 - Cars for sale Selangor -
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    wts your skyline? post it here

    i am beginning to wonder if the price of an R34 GTR will ever hit the 100k anytime in this decade?....if fact, there is one advertised today selling at 190k....the R35's price is steadily dropping, as would any car price be over the years....but the R34 GTR seems to stay the same for the past...
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    original EG6 chasis

    i'm not quite sure the chassis difference between EG6 and other JDM EG such as EG3, but there are some differences between EG6 and local EG (i.e. EH)....the EG has nicer (maybe better as well) welding joints and finishing compare to EH...perhaps that makes the EG more sturdy than the local...
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    Honda DC5 ,DC2 , Honda EP3 which one should I get ?

    either u shud save a little bit more money...or just wait a little bit longer for the price to down...also, cars like DC5 u can still get bank loan....DC2 sure u hafta pay in cash....then must standby money for repairs lagi....n also a spare car, in case the DC2 need to spend a few days in...
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    Honda DC5 ,DC2 , Honda EP3 which one should I get ?

    if u really want to play honda that bad, u better go with any model that comes with K-series engine laa...they are relatively newer than any of the B-series engines, hence won't be as badly worn it's a big improvement from the old B-series technology...n will last u longer also...if...
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    Honda DC5 ,DC2 , Honda EP3 which one should I get ?

    u sure kah DC5 is chick magnet?...i thought chicks go for "extremely modded" myvi n kenari?....:biggrin: anyway, honda is always overpriced ler least here is malaysia.....the price for that DC5 u can easily get a used Evo7/8 or Scooby....4WD with turbo summore....
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    original EG6 chasis

    got pirated EG6 ker?....
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    Honda DC5 ,DC2 , Honda EP3 which one should I get ?

    forget Suprima S laaa....i heard in the ads the car is damn gooooddd.....:biggrin:
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    Honda City 2012 Mod Recommendation

    sell the a FD2R...problem solved!...
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    wts your skyline? post it here

    Nur spec on sale at now....just curious, how much was it originally, for a Nur spec, when it first rolled out of the factory long time ago?....RM500k?.....
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    Hire Purchase Loan for skyline

    too clean also considered as a problem....susah laa like that...
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    R34 GTR Stolen

    yes, rear right wheel....the good thing is nothing is lost...if it is a Honda, most probably only bare metal remain....:biggrin:
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    R34 GTR Stolen

    yeah it was found last week, left behind shoplots in idea why the thief did that....probably they realized that the car had engine problem n can't be driven properly...or maybe it's difficult to hide/sell an R34...:)
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    R34 GTR Stolen

    owner said that his car was not in good health, running on it couldn't be driven far or was stolen is seri kembangan area...
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    R34 GTR Stolen

    A friend's R34 GTR went missing during recent AidilAdha holiday. Here's his post in FB: Salam sedih dihari raya korban..rumah kene pecah.kete kene curi.hrp sesiapa ade ternampak sila inform sy.madi 0123466334. Maklumat skyline gtr r34.kaler hitam.bonet cf ztune.bodykit...
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    wts your skyline? post it here

    Cheapest R34 GTR so far.... Nissan Skyline GTR 34 (M) - Cars for sale Johore -
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    Nissan Skyline BCNR33 GTR

    very nice...if only the R34 is priced like this....hafta wait a few more years kot....:biggrin:
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    wts your skyline? post it here

    this R34 GTR looks very clean.... Nissan Skyline GTR34 - 2005 - Cars for sale Selangor -
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    2013 @ Mega Gathering Aerial View Photo

    sabah got many rich people least there are 2 R34 Nur Spec that i know of....maybe got more....:biggrin:
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    New Civic Type R to Kick out 265 - 300hp?

    the price will be beyond reach for many people....especially me.....:biggrin:
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    VTEC RON95 Myth

    tune your ecu to max power using RON95, then at any time it will be safe to run with either RON95 or RON97....but not the other way around...should be fine for daily driving n occasional rempit....there ain't much difference in max power just comparing between RON95 and RON97 anyway...but if you...
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    EG clubs/owner etc

    but seriously...if i'm gonna do my first time dohc vtec conversion now, i'll go for K20A terus....heck if i can sell all my engines now, i'll do a K20A into my EG as well.....
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    EG clubs/owner etc

    i already hv a my Stream....haha....
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    what is SR3??

    not necessary ler....JDM EK3 Mi which is non-VIRS also got 3 stage vtec...
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    EG clubs/owner etc

    save a little bit more money, and go for K20A will last u even longer....the B-series has been around for so many years already....even with the "nicest and cleanest" halfcut u can find, the worn out factor of the parts inside will still be there...K20A halfcut on the other...
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    Nissan Skyline GTR R34 on RON 95?

    now that's scarry.....:biggrin:
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    which fuel pump to choose

    for aftermarket, perhaps Aeromotive if you want to go for external pump setup?....the A1000 is rated at 700 lbs/hr and up to 1000hp...
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    Nissan GTR R35 car robbed (rewards for car found)

    the punishment for robbery and snatch theft is not severe enough that it doesn't serve as deterrent to them criminals...robbers shud be sentenced to death, regardless they caused death or injury to the victims.....and snatch theft, at least must chop off them hands.....and we need Batman here as...
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    1991 NSX EDM for sale

    simply my all-time favorite Honda...:love:
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    wts your skyline? post it here

    nice n clean....1999 means its a 1st gen R34 GTR, not any of those Vspec, right?.....
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    About Skyline R34

    with big power comes big hole in the wallet...haha....
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    Wkv 222

    quite cheap for its kind of mod...have u gone to take a look?....
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    Guess it ...

    nice photography.....
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    wts your skyline? post it here

    from my personal experience of buying second hand cars all these time, there will always be a "get-to-know time period" between yourself and the car, which usually happens within a few months of owning'll asks for repairs, parts replacement n upgrade, strange noises suddenly appear...
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    BNR 34 Production year

    so what's the problem with the blue car?....