Various of ELF engine oil

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    Elf Molygraphite 10W30 Engine Oil (3 litres)

    Key Features
    -Viscosity rating of 10W30.
    -Provide excellent thermal and oxidation stability.
    -Reinforced with dispersing and detergent properties.
    -Superior anti-wear properties.
    -High shear stability ... providing optimum lubrication at low and high temperature.
    -Suitable for all gasoline/petrol engine from 600 cc.

    -Noticeable decrease in wear and tear due to cold start, especially in the morning.
    -Better lubrication at all times increases engine efficiency, better fuel consumption.
    -Maintain engine in silent operating condition.
    -Added protection from graphite and molybdenum provide better protection and increase reliability of moving parts.
    -Keeps engine in clean under all operating conditions.


    Elf Molygraphite 15W50 5L

    -Exclusive lubrication technology incoporates solid lubricants of graphite and molydenum disulphide, ensures your engine stays clean and operates at maximum efficiency, resulting in longer engine life.
    -Suitable for all gasoline/petrol engines.


    ELF Molygraphite 15W50 4L

    -Exclusive lubrication technology incoporates solid lubricants of graphite and molydenum disulphide, ensures your engine stays clean and operates at maximum efficiency, resulting in longer engine life.
    -Suitable for all gasoline/petrol engines.



    -The latest in additive technology for very high performance gasoline engines .
    -Exceptional cold fluidity with low pour point - instant starting and lubrication even in low temperatures.
    -Cleaner engine and longer lubrication life.
    -Prevents formation of deposits, varnish, sludge and corrosion.
    -4 litres.



    2-in-1 octane booster and fuel injector cleaner!
    • Restores engine's power performance.
    • Maintains cleanliness of fuel system and protects against corrosion and rust formation.
    • Cleans deposits on fuel injector for better and more efficient combustion.
    • Reduces pollutant emission to the environment.
    • One measure treats up to 150 litres of petrol or use once a month for normal usage.
    • 250ml.


    Elf Grapholia for Diesel Engine 5L

    Elf Grapholia is recommended for Diesel engines operating under severe service. It meets and exceeds the following classifications :-

    *API : CF-4 / SG
    *ACEA : E2-96 (CCMC : D4)
    *US Army : MIL-L-2104E
    It also meets the requirements of most of engine manufacturers and approved by :-
    *MERCEDES BENZ : Sheet 228.1
    *VOLVO : VDS specification
    *MAN : 271 specification
    *DETROIT DIESEL ALLISON : C4 specification
    *CATERPILLAR : TO2 specification

    -Outstanding detergency to prevent sludge formation
    -Outstanding dispersancy to avoid the agglomeration of particles originated from combustion
    -very high alkalinity reserve to nuetralize acid products from combustion
    -superior anti-wear and anti-corrosion capability
    -excellent thermal and oxidation stability
    -excellent protection against bore polishing

    API: CF-4 Classification.
    CF-4 for High Performance Diesel Engine
    This category was adopted in 1990 and describes lubricants for use in high speed, four-stroke diesel engines. API CF-4 lubricants provide an improved control of oil consumption, ring groove and piston deposits.


    Elf Moto 2T Power 1L

    Synthetic-fortified lubricant for high performance two-stroke motorcycle engines. Specially formulated to protect the environment by reducing smoke level while maintaining the best performance of engines.
    -High protection against wear.
    -Superior thermal stability and anti-oxidation capacity.
    -High protection against ring sticking and spark plug whiskering.
    -Self mixing with leaded and unleaded petrol. Meets or exceeds the following requirements :
    API TC (American Petroleum Institute)
    JASO FB (Japan Automobile Standards Organization)
    ISO GB (International Organization for Standardization)


    Elf Moto 4T Power 1L

    Super multigrade (20W50) lubricant for four-stroke motorcycle engines. Suitable for all four-stroke motorcycle engines. Proven adaptation to several operating conditions - city traffic, long distance ride, etc.
    -Very good detergent and dispersant capabilities, enhances engine cleanliness and engine output.
    -Excellent anti-foam characteristics.
    -Enhanced anti-wear ability and exceptional thermal stability.
    -Contains specially selected additives for efficient protection against high temperature seizure and spark plug fouling.
    fully compatible with leaded or unleaded petrol.
    Meets of exceeds API SF/CC specification.


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    bro, do you carry 200L drum or 18L for diesel trucks ?? ?
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    I believed this fella is one of the Amway dealer.
    If not mistaken this ELF engine oil only sell by Amway nowadays.
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    Even by Amway, is the Elf oil good??
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