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Discussion in 'ICE -In Car Entertainment' started by thinthanh, Mar 24, 2020.

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    Decided to sell away all my used car audio... all the items that listes below are still in good working condition. of course some scrathes at the body especially the amps. as for the speakes all in good condition and doest have any damages to it.. some of the item had been using till last month.
    my main objective is too clear it rather keeping in my store room. asking price will be listed as well.

    COD Mersing only

    Head Unit
    1) Alpine DVI9990 + PHI-H9990 - RM1200
    2) Pioner DEX 99rs - RM750
    3) Mcintosh MX5000 - RM2000

    1) Tru C7.4t - RM2000
    2) Tru B4100 - RM1800
    3) Tru Hammer H-1 7- RM900
    4) Sinfoni 90.2 x 2 - RM2200 for both
    5) Sinfoni 150.2 x 2 - RM1500
    6) Brax X1000 - RM2000
    7) Brax X2100 -RM2800

    1) Seas Lotus Reference 3 way - RM1600
    2) Dynaudio Esotec 3 way including Esotar2 110 tweeter - RM2200
    3) Focal ES165 KX2 Elite K2 Power Series 2 way - RM1500
    4) Focal Elite Utopia Be No.7 - RM4700

    1) Seas Lotus SW300 - RM800
    2) JL Audio 12w7 - RM1200

    for more information kindly please whatsapp 0194594129
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    wowwww.. bro I want the B and Hammer TRU amps.. but why you so far. Hahaha.. and those Brax amps. Sweeeeet.

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