Used Imported Levi's 501/505, Dockers Vintage and Targus Bagpack

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Used Imported Levi's 501/505, Dockers Vintage and Targus Bagpack


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Jul 17, 2006

Only for a True Denim collector, classic & heavy denim very THICK. not like the current Levi's denim selling in boutique which mostly are from China or Philipines, denim fabric is very thin, see & view to believe it. ALL ITEM MUST GO, OFFER ME YOUR PRICE !!!!

Age of items and condition ::
8 years to few months :thumbs:
Reason for sale ::
Need money to pay bills ! :P

All jeans are dry clean every 6 months only thats why you can see its in immaculate condition, i never wash coz it will shrink the jeans ! jeans is made and supposed to be wear for rugged activity

Item Code :: Levi's Jeans 501 Light Stonewash (00501 0134)

Condition 8/10 nice fade and wash, however 1 of the tab is missing and they compensate me with free cleaning for 1 year few years ago, mistake done by the stupid laundry worker. this is your chance to own 501 made in USA as levis didnt product any 501 now in USA, most of Levis jeans now are made in Mexico, Dominican Republic or Colombia | worn | Levi's 501 Made in USA| Size 33W 36L

Item Code :: Levi's Jeans 501 Europe Rigid Indigo (00501 0101)

Condition 9.5/10, looks new wear twice times only, wash once, Levi's didnt produce this color and material anymore !| worn | Levi's 501 Made in Turkey | size is 34W 34L

Item Code :: Levi's Jeans 505 Light Stonewash (USA)

Condition 8/10 nice fade and wash | worn | Levi's 505 Made in Mexico | Size 33W 34L

Item Code :: Levi's Jeans 505 Jeans Medium Stonewash

Condition 8/10, | worn few times | Levi's 505, tag has been cut off by custom when i received my item, so i dont know where its made but this jeans was send to by my friend in UK | Size 33W 34L

Item Code :: Dockers Vintage Jeans

Item Code :: Targus Urban Bagpack TSB013AP

Please read the following TnC and dealing method in this spoiler before purchasing, thanks!
Dealing method ::

:peace: Goods sold are NOT returnable/refundable! :peace:

if COD::
◕ @ Anywhere in KL depends where and when subject to my preferences and availability
◕ @ For COD, pls pay deposit of 50% to prevent FFK (but if you really into jeans u wont mind paying full amount and i will deliver to you within KL area FOC). Maximum waiting time is 1 hours if you didnt turn up, i will leave coz i experience dealing with FFK buyer before and wait for more then 3 hours ! your name will be blacklisted and list into hall of fame for FFK buyer in Zero

if Pos Express/Poslaju
◕ to add minimum RM7 or more according to number of item bought, PM me for details...
◕ For posting purposes, please bank in full amount total purchasing amount before u receive the items, i will deliver your item next following working day
◕ I am not responsible of spoilt or lost goods during postage (thats why i prefer COD, but if you insist i can accomodate your request also for pos, i recommend you pay for insurance aswell)

Contact method/details ::
Serious buy pls PM or SMS me at (SMS only)

Booking purposes ::
◕ Bookings are allowed but must pay minimum of 50% of total purchase.
◕ Maximum length of booking is 14 days.
◕ Booking fees are NOT refundable if you cancel last minute! [mine to keep] I will also blacklist u... hope u won't get pissed

1) OFFER ME YOUR PRICE, ALL ITEM MUST GO, NEED MONEY !!!!, pls keep my thread clean
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