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UNT-1121 Universal Camshaft Pulley Holder Adjustable

Discussion in 'Automotive Wear and Ware' started by jaspersoong, Nov 12, 2016.

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  1. jaspersoong

    jaspersoong Member

    Dec 17, 2015
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    - Especially for holding the pulley screw hole and avoid free turn from the pulley and bolt.
    - Work in the situation when replace the pulley bolt.
    - Available for universal engines; suitable working for
    *** camshaft pulley
    *** crankshaft pulley
    *** fan pulley
    *** idle pulley

    - Provide 8 adaptors with four sizes to fit pulley screw sizes.
    - Special product advantages
    - Adjustable jaw provides automatically lock of pulley
    - Considerable blue handle coating design provides better holding by users.
    - Specification:-
    *** Adjustable jaw spread range: 25mm ~ 100mm
    *** Four sizes: 7, 10, 14, 16mm (Every size x2pcs)

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