This is by far The Best Fail Moments at Nurburgring!

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    The Nurburgring is a demanding circuit which requires full attention and respect from any driver. A track outing in the 20km circuit can be a nightmare if a driver fails to stay within their limits, or be involved in a bitter incident due to other driver’s mistake.


    I have been watching many compilation videos of the circuit, with near misses, impressive drifts, fails and crashes (and can watch it all day long). But in a recent compilation video by Auto Addiction, the YouTuber captured moments of crashes and fails with several new highlights.

    <iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" width="700" height="315" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    Other than having to bite my fingers watching sweet supercars hit the steel barrier, the video this time contains one of the most terrifying moments I have ever seen happen at the Nurburgring; a man almost got crushed by a sliding car.

    It starts out with a grey E46 M3 oversteering at one of the Ring's crash-prone right-hand turn, leading to a big hit on the right-hand side of the car as it faces backwards. When the M3 started moving slowly after the hit, crossing the track to a safer place on the inside of the turn, it can be seen that the car broke its front-right suspension arm.

    After the E46 M3 placed itself on the inside shoulder across the road, the next clip shows a guy in blue shirt, believed to be the M3 driver or his associates waving his hands to warn other approaching cars by standing on the track shoulder, outside of the steel barrier on the blind, uphill right-hander.

    Then, another E46 M3 enters the turn sideways, with the nose of the car coming rapidly inside, jumps on the kerbs and hitting the steel barrier. Luckily the guy in the blue shirt was able to predict that and managed to scramble up the barrier just in time, avoiding from being crushed by the BMW.


    Other highlights on the video:

    • Two sliding 911 (991) GT3 Cup
    • A guy crashed his company’s Renault Trafic work van
    • A sweet new R8 V10 crashed while closely tailed by a nice Focus RS
    • A blue VW Golf Mk1 broke its rear left wheel after spinning and hit the kerbs
    Whether you’re out on the street or on track, just stay safe, folks!
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