T.V cable adjustment ... for Honda EK3 (Auto Trans)

Discussion in 'Car Modification' started by fei8820, Jan 5, 2019.

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    I was wondering anyone here can help with my little small project...

    is a ek3 with B20B Vtec (b16 head small vtec oni)
    the tranny shift fine and very smooth if drive normally ...
    but when WOttttt ~~~ (pedal to metal) especially when transmission hot the rpm will reach 8.5k (which is rev limit) the gear hesitate to changes ... untill i release the pedal for few sec and reapply baru changes...

    but i check the tranny fuild very nice ler... ( red and fresh ) lvl also cun... no leaking no funny noice..

    my questions is shall i tighten the TV (throttle vavle) cable or loosen .. i look around internet i don't see any tutorial on this...

    or any sifu can guide me ?

    P/s yayayaya i know automatic suck.. sonner or later i will changes .. when buget allow

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