s13 s14 s15 clutch are actually interchangeable

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    forums everywhere about this clutch issue for s chassis equipped with SR20det
    can s15 6speed manual gearbox clutch fits in s13 or s14 5speed manual gearbox as replacement? yes

    some s13 s14 are using 9inch clutch disc, while some are using 9.5inch clutch disc which some said 9.5inch clutch is the recipe for turbo charged model.

    s15 6speed tranny using 9.5inch clutch disc as well, in other words, the 9.5inch clutch disc and cover are basically same with those used in 5speed tranny.

    what if the 5speed gearbox happen to be using 9inch clutch disc? the solution is to swap the flywheel to a bigger size of 9.5inch from 5speed gearbox, not 9.5inch flywheel from s15 6speed gearbox as it wont fit.

    this is my personal experience for my s15 which had swapped 2 times of 6 speed tranny due to some heavy duty fun n i end up using 5speed tranny now which it may b from s13, i'm actually happy about this for its durability. i happened to be advised by some people around saying the 5speed clutch n 6speed clutch r not interchangeable, but i managed to try this n proves they may b wrong.

    thanks to onward motor sport for making this to happen

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