Proven STR 2020 Fuel Saving Additive Save Diesel & Petrol

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    Detailed Product Description

    F1 2020 petrol & Diesel booster
    The proven revolutionary fuel additive f1 2020 petrol & Diesel booster the latest technology breakthrough formulated with special formula to maximize fuel saving. The formulation restructures the molecules for greater efficiency during combustion while lubricating the piston and combustion chamber. The restructuring increases the surface area of fuel molecules and enables more oxygen to react with the fuel. As a result, fuel burns more efficiently, achieving a combustion rate of up to 98% .
    Most importantly is whether the fuel additive can really save. Many fuel additives in the market claim that they can save but in our finding most of them either not saving at all or save very little resulting what you save is only the price of the fuel additive itself.
    Don't only take our word for it, please read below:
    1) we have proven 6 years track record in fuel saving technology and it is now our 3rd generation which may help to achieve optimum fuel saving faster.
    2) it is very affordable with retail price of less than usd5 per 280ml which may treat up 110 litre
    3) our f1 2020 has been tested the proven by many vehicle & transportation authority of its fuel saving efficiency in many countries such as Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China just to name a few
    4) we have many countries covered with rm2. 5 million (approx. Usd685, 000) product liability insurance.
    5) only takes 3 bottles for a 3 year old and above car to reach its optimum fuel saving of average 25% , just do your calculation how much you will save especially now where fuel prices has yet again reaches its history height.

    Advantages of f1 2020 additive
    F1 2020 petrol & Diesel booster has been tested and it's has been verified to treat and purify automobile petrol and diesel engines and beneficial for industrial usage resulting in the following benefits:
    1) save fuel consumption up to 25%
    2) increase engine power & enhances engine start-up.
    3) reduces smoke emission and fuel cost
    4) cleans engine injectors, carburetors and the entire fuel system.
    5) lubricates and conditions engine valves, pistons and piston rings.
    6) absolutely safe and environmental friendly as it does not contain corrosive materials.

    F1 2020 petrol & Diesel booster application
    F1 2020 additive is easy to use. Just mix with petrol or diesel into the oil-tank at 1: 2500 ratios. It is suitable for all types of vehicles including cars, motorbike, lorries, sea vessels, generators, machine and others that use petrol or Diesel
    1 litre of f1 2020 additive: 2500 litters of petrol or Diesel
    We always encourage placing a test order prior to commit larger order. We open this opportunity to area, region and country. Product information, test report including tuv report, certificate, country approval, and even video in VCD are available for serious enquiries.

    please contact : 019-3532020 Justin
    or go to for more information
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