Proton X70 Electric Power Tailgate with Kick Sensor (Installation included)

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    The Electric Power Tailgate system assists in lifting and shutting the tailgate. Look ma', no hands.


    • Anti-crush , meaning it will revert to the open position should the tailgate encounter any obstacles in the way of it closing.
    • Adjustable open height to ensure you will always reach the button.
    Ideal for the everyday driver who often transports goods in the trunk of the car. Also ideal for the vertically challenged since cars are getting taller and taller it seems.

    This system comes with:

    • 2 x powered struts
    • Bottom hook
    • Front button that fits the factory dash
    • Rear button that fits the factory tailgate
    We take about 2 hours to complete the installation. We will not cut any wires for this install so that should keep the manufacturer happy, we hope.

    Product is supplied with 2 years Manufacturers Warranty





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