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Now Testing: Sidebar Delete

Discussion in 'Site Changes and Suggestions' started by Tom, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Tom

    Tom Administrator
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    Jul 6, 2000
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    Hi all, to keep the Forums simple, less distracting and fast loading, we've decided to remove the right hand sidebar for testing purposes. This change is visible throughout 80% of the forums section including thread list pages and threads.

    The Homepage, Forums homepage and The Marketplace remains unchanged for now.

    Changes Made Recently

    • Sidebar Removed
      To access sidebar contents you were used to, please go to the Homepage or the Forums Hompage
    • Post Bit Changed from Horizontal to Vertical
      For regular users, you would have noticed from this post that my username and details are now located on the left, instead of the top prior to this change.
    • The Marketplace Homepage Improved
      • 5 Latest Items for individual Categories
      • Option to Add a new thread in whichever category instantly
      • Option to View even more new listings from individual categories
      • Option to View currently active listings or bumped threads
      • The entire page is now cached for faster loading
    • Forums Homepage Cleaned up
      No more Forum Icons and Inactive Forums removed/renamed/merged
    Please submit your thoughts if any


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