Need some sifus here to give some opinion on my Hyundai Getz...

Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by Sil80-13, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Hi guys/ sifus,

    Want to get some opinion from some sifu owners of Hyundai Getz.

    - If install sport spring with standard absorber, will this harm & spoil our drive-shaft in long run? Life span of drive shaft will it shorten? Currently I am using stock rim with 185/65/14.

    - Is this the original tyre size for Getz? 185/65/14.

    - I just had my Getz major repair. Now the car is in its good condition to drive but being annoyed by the rear sound "mouse sound" if you know what I meant. Anyone have this problem before? Anyone have any solution on this? The sounds should coming from those plastic covers.

    - Any good recommendation on full body-kit for Hyundai Getz? Looking for good material not fiber. And installation is PNP.
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    if can try to open up each plastic power n buy a big big piece of sponge. stick to plastic cover n fit back.

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