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    Hi guys..My name is Raj..I'm a sound engineer..besides working in the studio engineering sound for music album my free time I clean up MP3 downloads to bring out the its original sound hence making it sound better than in its original state..I have been doing this to actually enjoy its sound and to save my speakers due to the clips in MP3s..Clip in MP3s can actually damage our speakers over time..

    I want to offer this service to those who enjoy and love music like me..

    For reference you can check out from my blog at and click on the icon that says 'For Zerotohundred viewing' will find two song files :

    1. Sexy Chick-Cleaned
    2. Secy Chick-MP3

    Play the both songs and you will find out that the Cleaned version of the song Sexy Chick will sound titer and smoother than the MP3 version. What i've done is that i've removed the DC offset in the MP3 and lowered its volume to -0.1 dB so that the song got more 'room' to breath when its volume is pushed louder.

    Note : I did not equalize the original song or what so ever..

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