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MLOC Photo Album - Gallery

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Lancer Owners Club' started by B18C-R, Apr 14, 2007.

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    A picture tells a thousand words..

    Here's some quick link to refer to our activities postings in most cases, pictures on our events/meet-up. Most of the pics can be found in our Yahoo Group pages as well and here's some of them.

    This page will be updated consistently to make it easier to search for our photos or past activities so please remember to always RE-VISIT this page.

    To visit our official photo gallery of Major event, please visit our MLOC Home Ground.

    Nevertheless, the thread version of our picture llisting below starts in order updated from our latest events and from various contribution of members.



    ZTH Forum version Photo Listing (Contribution from MLOC Members)

    46. MLOC @ SIC 2009 - Sepang Closed Track Day - (Click Here)

    44. MLOC Paintball Day - Professional Series :-) - (Click Here)

    43. MLOC Paintball Day - (Click Here)

    42. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Launching (an Invitation to MLOC) - (Click Here)

    41. MLOC JB - SUBARU Club Malaysia Merdeka Convoy - (Click Here)

    40. MLOC KL-Melaka-JB Mega TT @ Melaka - (Click Here)

    39. Asian Festival of Speed (MLOC @ AFOS 2008) - (Click Here)

    38. Asian Festival of Speed (MLOC @ AFOS 2008 - Babes Series - (Click Here)

    37. MLOC Penang Wedding Convoy - (Click here)

    36. MLOC Christmas Visit to Melaka (Invitation by JB Lead, Lanevo6) - (Click Here)

    35. MLOC AGM 2007 - Photo Stories (Click Here)

    34. MLOC @ The Xtreme Night (TXN 2007) Competition 2007 - (Click Here)

    33. MLOC Merdeka Convoy + TT to Putrajaya - (Click Here)

    32. MLOC Nothern TT @ Penang (Penang-Kedah Members) - (Click Here)

    31. MLOC Penang Nothern-East Convoy (Penang to Kedah) - (Click Here)

    30. MLOC Melaka - Members Mini-TT Gathering - (Click Here)

    29. MLOC CHARITY EVENT (Visit & Donation to Oprhanage homes) - (Click Here)

    28. MLOC Model Photography Day (Bukit Jalil, KL) - (Click Here)

    27. MLOC KL-Nothern Mega Convoy TT (KL-Ipoh-Penang-Kedah) - (Click Here)

    26. Compass Secure Launching (an Invitation to MLOC) - (Click Here)

    25. MLOC @ Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS 2007) - (Click Here)

    24. MLOC March MEGA CONVOY (Genting Highlands) - (Click Here)

    23. MLOC Kuching mini Joined-TT (Click Here)

    22. The MLOC Melaka Album (KL to Melaka MLOCian visit) - (Click Here)

    21. MLOC - Subaru Inter-Club Convoy (Jointly organised by MLOC-SCM) - (Click Here)

    20. Mitsubishi Triton Launching - (Click Here)

    19. MLOC Speed-Runs TT-Convoy - (Click Here)

    18. MLOC Orientation - New member Intro TT + Convoy - (Click Here)

    17. MLOC Speed-Runs Convoy to Seremban for TT - (Click Here)

    16. MLOC Clubbing Party & Town Convoy @ Soda Club Sri-Hartamas - (Click Here)

    15. Speedruns Convoy + Day TT & Dinner at Rendevous - (Click Here)

    14. MLOC Melaka Wedding Convoy - (Click Here)

    13. MLOC Gathering to KL International Motorshow 2006 (KLIMs) - (Click Here)

    12. MLOC Speed-Runs Convoy to Hulu Langat - (Click Here)

    11. MLOC @ Sepang Track Day - (Click Here)

    10. LLumar Malaysia official Opening (an Invitation to MLOC) - (Click Here)

    09. MLOC AGM 2006 - Photo Story (Bandwidth Warning) - (Click Here)

    08. MLOC Night Cheras TT + Speedruns - (Click Here)

    07. MLOC KL-Southern Convoy & Johor Track Day - (Click here)

    06. MLOC Speedruns Ulu Yam & Gohtong Jaya - (Click Here)

    05. MLOC Bukit Tinggi Convoy - (Click Here)

    04. Mitsubish Enthusiast Gathering (inter-club organised by MLOC) - (Click Here)

    03. MLOC Melaka-Makan Convoy - (Click Here)

    02. MLOC Putrajaya Convoy & TT - (Click Here)

    01. Past convoy around KL - (Click Here)
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