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Mitsubishi Eterna RS 240 bhp stuff

Discussion in 'Car Modification' started by UndergroundTT, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. UndergroundTT

    UndergroundTT 15 Year | Platinum

    Aug 23, 2006
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    Mitsubishi Eterna RS Twin Turbo 240bhp
    1. Complete top head with wiring,computer box (upgrade in japan), 6 unit EVO3 510cc fuel injector,mirage throttle body with aluminium adapter,HKS SuperAirFlow filter,airflow sensor,fuel regulator,USA performance plug cable,dashboard with aircond digital & 2 sets new timing belt etc.[FONT=&quot][/FONT]
    2. EVO3 intercooler complete with stainless steel piping (for eterna 6a12TT) & 4 sets Samco hose.
    3. VR4 oilcooler complete with hose,oil filter,adapter & oil catch tank (look a like Cusco).
    4. Eterna alternator 90W.
    5. 2 wheel manual performance gearbox,(EVO3 4 puck racing clutch plate,flywheel),stainless steel gear short shift lever & manual paddle.
    6. Eterna doortrim,(grey color,2 front got speaker hole) complete with power windows motor,switch & inside door holder.
    7. 17" rare Black Racing Sport 2 pieces (pcd 114.5) with ultra performance Yokohama Advan Neova tire (99%),,, Front offset 7.5 with 235/45,,,Rear offset 8.5 with 245/45,!!!ready for on the road,drag & racing track.
    8. Front & rear complete disk break with knuckle ( plug n play for perdana),,Front & rear both side duoble layer taken out from GTO 6g72TT.
    9. 2 sets TD04 turbine complete with exaust manifold,,,taken out from GTO 6g72TT (good condition),,,plug n play for eterna 6a12TT.
    10. 2 sets flip side mirror with switch button & relay ,,,plug n play for perdana.
    11. Eterna 4wd fuel tank with SR20 fuel pump.
    12. APEXI EL mechanical boost meter black face,complete with boxes. (use less than month).
    13. Both side ori skirt eterna twinturbo already custom made for perdana (plug n play).
    14. 1 pair eterna smoke front lamp. (same like perdana v6)
    15. Eterna mivec md front bumper. (same like perdana v6 1st model)
    16. Eterna mivec md samurai front grill.
    17. GREEDY type rs blow with adapter. (new complete in box). - sold
    18. Rear windscreen complete with wiper,wiring,motor & new ori rubber screen liner. - sold

    * All item in good condition,call for gentlement dealing.
    Contact no : 013-3913110

    * Sorry guys don't have camera for viewing,pls call & deal for better view at us workshop Pandah Indah.
  2. spawn_net

    spawn_net Member

    Jan 26, 2015
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    Still avail? Looking for Eterna TT RS

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